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  1. TheSecretRoman
    TheSecretRoman at |

    7. Each-uisge …. is this another name for a kelpie, because this is a kelpie

    1. noone important
      noone important at |

      If I remember correctly, kelpie was to be found around fresh water, while each-uisge (water horse) was fond of salt water.
      But it is also possible that these are just two names for the same thing used in different regions.

      Same with vodyanoy – You will find it by the name Wodny, vodnik, utopec….

  2. Royal Conquest
    Royal Conquest at |

    Water monsters, half of these aren’t sea monsters. I mean, cool list and all always nice to find more cool myths but I wasspecifically looking for Sea/Ocean kinds of monsters so screw your clickbait


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