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10 Responses

  1. Peter Boucher at |

    The Rock Music Guitarist Ian Hunter of Mott The Hoople fame and Rick Nielsen, the guitarist for Cheap Trick would get along beautifully with #9 Kiefer Sutherland !!

  2. Rob at |

    Neat list, although I think only Witherspoon’s antique linen collection and Depp’s hodge-podge collection of collections are truly ‘unusual’. This is not at all a criticism, but maybe the list could have been styled more along the lines of an “in some ways celebs really are like ‘regular people'” feature.

  3. bee jay boak at |

    i have the biggest collection of ceramic automobiles { planters } over 300 ever noted. does antone else collect these rare pieces ?

  4. Rachel at |

    Reese Witherspoon is from Nashville, not New Orleans.

  5. Equalizer at |

    Jay Leno – Automobile collections ….

    1. Rob at |

      How is that unusual?

  6. Twelvecarpileup at |

    Stephen Morris (Drummer of Joy Division and New Order) collects tanks and other military vehicles…

  7. Peter Boucher at |

    Paul Stanley, the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the rock group KISS is an accomplished painter and has had his paintings sell for $2-3 million dollars at auction !!

    1. brian at |

      Good for him, but that is not related to this list

  8. Jose Hernandez at |

    I got to see JD’s shop in Paris! I wonder why he has paintings of clowns when he has a phobia of them? Oh well, at least he has a painting by JWG.


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