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  1. boilermaker1776
    boilermaker1776 at |

    That longest generation family isn’t something to be proud of. The oldest one to have a kid was 20…

    1. ozwald
      ozwald at |

      Don’t see what’s wrong with that.

    2. Tiffany
      Tiffany at |

      That was my exact observation. All a bit young when they created this record.

    3. Diana
      Diana at |

      Biologically, the female body is ready to reproduce at 13. Our culture has set that age further.

    4. Jim
      Jim at |

      As long as they can support themselves independently what does it matter when they had kids?

    5. Amber
      Amber at |

      You really need to keep in mind that the oldest is 109. Society was very different 100+ years ago. Having kids around that age was normal. Stop being ignorant.

  2. Anelr
    Anelr at |

    wow… Number one = Weirdest record evet


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