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  • auto devis

    Number 7 the topical anesthetic is brand new to me.

  • 5minutes

    Technically, IcyHot isn’t a topical anesthetic. It’s a rubefacient.

    The difference is that a topical anesthetic (like lidocaine) is designed to remove feeling and sensation in a given area. A rubefacient is designed to increase blood circulation via capillary dilation, which is what those pepper creams like IcyHot and Capzasin do. Other topicals that use them include stuff like BioFreeze, which uses menthol and its derivatives instead of capsaicin.

    • Thanks for the correction. Very interesting.

      • 5minutes

        As a thought, it could be called a “Topical Analgesic”.

  • Johnny

    Remember the movie Chocolat? She fed them all chili peppers.

    Armande: Your cinnamon looks rancid.
    Vianne: Well, it’s not cinnamon, it’s a special kind of chili pepper.
    Armande: Chili pepper in hot chocolate? Psh.
    Vianne: Mm-hm. It’ll give you a lift.

  • Rajimus123

    apparently chillies actually have a very mild flavor, the sensation you get from eating capsaicin is actually your body reacting to pain. so eating hot food literally can be torture for some people haha

    • I think you need to expand your “haha” to a more evil laugh; something like “Bwahbwahahahaahaa!” Seems more fitting for your comment. 😉

      • rajimus123

        how about MUAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA lol

  • tchudson

    #9 – I was having indigestion/acid reflux issues for a while some years back. The doctor told me to avoid spicy foods – I kept trying to tell him that spicy foods have never given me indigestion, but he didn’t seem to want to listen.

    • ParusMajor

      Doctors are just like wives.They never listen what you say, but they still tell you what to do.

  • brian

    Im pretty sure number 1 should be food, but I dont think any thought goes into the ordering

    • brian

      Im pretty sure it gets eaten more than it gets spread on socks