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  1. clodagh
    clodagh at |

    this list really does suck ! no House of Night, Night World series, The vampire diaries !!!! i really recommend these series especially for young adults. you will LOVE these series i know i did – spent hours under the covers reding until 4 in the morning 🙂 x

  2. demented
    demented at |

    Dude, the Anita Blake series DOES stink. It’s become this ridiculous, almost parody unsexy-erotica series with the nastiest heroine this side of Bella Swan.

    And Dracula isn’t a vampire romance. Okay, it has a vampire, and its has romance, but not together. People tend to forget that Dracula vampirically RAPED women, didn’t seduce them.

  3. Element
    Element at |

    Anita Blake is not romance. After about the second or third book, it just gives up and becomes erotica with a plot.

  4. John
    John at |

    Looking at the covers of the books, they make me want to barf. They look like Soap Operas for unhappy soccer moms who fantasize about tall, dark and handsome. To each his own.

    Vampires are predators and we’re the prey. Period. ’30 days of Night’ was one of the few that got it right.

  5. Roger
    Roger at |

    No Tanith Lee?

  6. zef
    zef at |

    You should’ve included “let the right one in” its truly an amazing vampire book.

  7. Hmmm
    Hmmm at |

    Is it a coincidence that all of these books, with the exception of “Dracula” were written by women?

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      That is interesting. I guess men don’t want to date vampires.

  8. Rook
    Rook at |

    Aw, no Night World series?

  9. Jessy
    Jessy at |

    Damn no true blood =[ good list tho! =]

    1. Kate
      Kate at |

      The Southern Vampire Mysteries #5 on this list are the books from which True Blood was created

      1. Jessy
        Jessy at |

        Ahh of course lol that’s what I get for not reading properly. Thanks =]


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