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  1. Lawski
    Lawski at |

    The US have been making war under false pretenses for over 50 years.
    Depleted uranium, Napalm, Gas, Atomic bombs, Drones.. The US killed more civilians than any past dictators.

    Iraq may be the best example of the US crimes. Any of you nuts realize that Iraq is DESTROYED ? In Iraq MILLIONS of civilians died because of your war, teenagers are rapted in daylight for organ trafficking, iraqis average lifespan felt by 20 years and in some regions the soil is contaminated for billion of years by Uranium.

    Oh right the US are the good guys. So says the medias owned BY THEM.. Idiot.
    The US is the most evil empire on earth.

  2. Serhi
    Serhi at |

    Why is there ?ttila in this list? I do not think that he was more cruel, than Nero or Caligula. And to compare cruelty in different times really correctly? That cruelly now, thousand years back it was in order of things.

  3. Opinions
    Opinions at |

    Could everyone that’s complaining shut up, you guys are all complaining that what has been said doesn’t fit “YOUR” views, those can be totally different to the views of the person who wrote this. They wrote it on their views as well, even if you have the facts, you still need a way to organise it. They chose their way to organise it which again could be totally different to your views.

  4. phillly
    phillly at |

    I think Stalin is worse than Hitler. In the Great Pruge, between 13 million died while only (only used relative) only 11 million people died. Stalin also had many other things in ehic ended in deaths


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