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  1. Katina Baker@PSP 3000
    Katina [email protected] 3000 at |

    Haha… This is one of my favorite list. A certainly dont like to be a zombie but I wouldn’t mind being a chicken sexer.

    1. i am miss universe
      i am miss universe at |

      I wouldnt mind being a zombie! lol

  2. FMH
    FMH at |

    I wouldn’t call “shark tank cleaner” a job at all. I guess people in that line of work clean other tanks, to. Furthermore, in most zoos regular wardens with special training clean the tanks when it’s nesscessary. So it’s part of a job, not a job.

  3. TriviaFan
    TriviaFan at |

    I would think that being a crime scene cleaner or the like would be a good one for this kind of list. Not necessarily ‘weird’ but a very important and unsung job. But still, I can imagine if two people were dating and one asked the other what they did for a living, that might elicit a strong and negative reaction (fair or not).

  4. Main
    Main at |

    Worm picker? Thats really weird! And disgusting!

  5. miss know-it-all
    miss know-it-all at |

    virtual farm… ya talk about the matrix ‘getting pluged in’ expirience

  6. Stephanie
    Stephanie at |

    When you insemenate a cow, you don’t stick your hand in the vagina. Your hand goes in the OTHER hole, so you can feel the reproductive tract and successfully guide your gun (that metal wand looking thing) into the uterus.

    Makes it just a little mopre gross.

  7. Pelt
    Pelt at |

    Many male chicks actually get killed immediately after sexing, and end up as for example: snakefood.

  8. Veronique
    Veronique at |

    The list is so interesting. Nice article. I would try them if needed, but the shark tank cleaner? no way! Lol.

  9. Howard
    Howard at |

    I believe you can tell a chick’s gender for the first few days by their wings. My sister worked in a hatchery for about a month before she quit. She said it was horrible and the chicks were cute for about the first 10 minutes

  10. Kayla
    Kayla at |

    Poor chicks… ;-;

  11. Robby
    Robby at |



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