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  1. Billy
    Billy at |

    Hmmm, now I want to try shawarma. Sneaky double advertising advertised items.

  2. Martin Fierro
    Martin Fierro at |

    Chicago has the tightest gun control laws in America an this year had a terrible homicide rate:


    Florida which gun laws are more favorable to law abiding citizens stands in stark contrast:


    Thank you

    1. David
      David at |

      I psycho in Connecticut killed 20 children.. nuff said.

      1. Dave
        Dave at |

        That lunatic was a criminal. It’s already illegal to have guns in schools and to murder children. So, no – actually – NOT enough said. Violent crime has steadily declined since gun laws have been liberalized. Outrage is not an argument. Please stop politicizing tragedy and hoping for a day when only criminals and criminal organizations are the ones using guns to suit their ends.

  3. auto devis
    auto devis at |

    It was funny that they had shawarma on the Avengers movie because it seemed like a free publicity for a product something Hollywood isn’t known for doing.

  4. Zachary Gillette
    Zachary Gillette at |

    Anyone who isn’t stupid already knows what shawarma is. That’s why the Avengers introduced it to so many.

    1. CBomb
      CBomb at |

      So… not knowing what a certain food is makes one stupid? I see no flaws in that argument at all.

  5. Enraged response
    Enraged response at |

    Why do people think its clever to have a gun? It takes a few moronic individuals to think they are playing GTA or that they are the Joker to kill innocent Americans on what now seems like a monthly cycle.

    What possible use is a gun other then for killing people? If you live in fear that your neighbour would have advantage on you because they have a gun then its simple, no guns!

    99.9% of US civilians are good hard working people, why should they have their lives wasted by that small percentage of people who were brought up incorrectly or who suffer from depression and feel the only way to make an impact in life is to be remembered as a monster.

    Time to grow up America – you can’t all be John Wayne.

    1. CBomb
      CBomb at |

      Proof that responding in anger needs not utilize thought.

      If you don’t know any reasons besides killing people for having a gun, then don’t own one. Demanding that everyone follow your personal views is dictatorship. Don’t be a dic…tator.

  6. melissa
    melissa at |

    Sorry but I had to point this out- His name isn’t Dr. Who; it’s The Doctor.


    Shwarma is the bomb. I don’t know how it’s weird but it’s tasty as fuq and delicious that now I’m craving one, thanks!

  8. Kevin John Braid
    Kevin John Braid at |

    actually, many of us in the UK want to abolish the monarchy as it is outdated af and we really didnt care about their pricey wedding.


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