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9 Responses

  1. Juan of Veracruz at |

    Thanks for making everyone reading this list lose the Game….

  2. fdx at |

    Love this one, thanks a lot, i’m sure i’m gonna waste a big part of my day on number 1 :-)

  3. auto devis at |

    smallwood wow i am so sorry for. Childhood must have been very difficult

  4. foxyfox at |

    I LOST THE GAME!!!!!!

  5. jeff at |

    No Joke!! My mother in-law’s last name was Smallwood and she married a man with a last name Sizemore.

  6. Gerard at |

    “The reason chess remains such a popular game, even today, is because it’s almost indistinguishable from the same game played hundreds of years ago.” What? How did you come up with that little nugget of genius?

  7. Gerard at |

    You should change your surname in case you ever have male offspring. Maybe you could christen him Captain. Captain Hugeschlong.

  8. Konstantinos at |

    Wikipedia’s list of years has been expanded, now ranging from 3250 BCE to 2300 CE. So, humanity just got another century of existence. Also, I JUST LOST THE GAME! (and also, I just learnt that the formal name of ‘fart lighting’ is ‘pyroflatulence’.)

  9. Dr. Matthew D. Zarzeczny, FINS at |

    I enjoy Wikipedia, too, but a group called Deletionists have been going around trying to get rid of some of these more “fun” articles that website has.


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