Top 10 Awesome Events in Cosplay


Costume playing/live action roleplaying is an ever-expanding hobby and business. You’ve only got to look at some of the ads for this, and other sites, to see how true that is. However, while many sites enjoy showing off examples of people making subpar amateur costumes, or just calling them bad because the person in the photo is overweight, here’s a tribute to ten times that the practice was done proud.

10. Smurfs


Global Smurfs Day is when the birthday of the Smurfs creator Peyo is celebrated. It has since taken on a secondary purpose of renewing the Guinness World Record of “Largest Number of People Dressed as Smurfs within 24 Hours” annually. June 25, 2011 witnessed the raising of the record up to 4,891 people in eleven cities, just in time to sync with the release of The Smurfs (remember that movie? Didn’t think so.) Presumably, the previous record was twenty-three people in two cities, with half of them not even knowing it was Global Smurf Day.


9. Batman


On March 29, 2012, the Internet was amused by video and images of a customized Lamborghini driver pulled over by the police. What just seemed like a great opportunity to laugh at the guy wearing a costume in public for reasons not endorsed by society, while flaunting his wealth with a super-expensive car, turned out to be so much cooler, when it was revealed who the guy was. He was revealed to be entrepreneur Lenny Robinson, a guy who visits cancer wards in full costume, and donates things ranging from memorabilia to mobile devices, while reportedly providing an esteem boost to the sick. The only reason he still had the costume on when he was pulled over, was so that he could stay in character as kids watched him leave the hospital. Also, because the thing takes forever to remove.


8. Star Trek


While wearing a Star Trek uniform was, in the pre-Internet days, shorthand for “virgin geek,” narrowly beating out bow ties and pocket protectors. That didn’t stop Barbara Adams from wearing one to eight sessions of the Whitewater Trials in 1996. The judge didn’t seem to care; what actually got her ousted was her granting of a sidewalk interview, where she supplied the public with information about her rank and serial number. Although she didn’t last the length of the trial, she does look spiffy in that outfit.

Note: She beat out 150 other potential jury members. The only possible explanation is the others were all Rennaisance Fair addicts.


7. Nyx


When you’re a person not licensed to perform law enforcement actions, or do not have considerable combat training, probably all of the dangerous stuff that comes with being a costumed hero is not for you. More of them should make like Nyx here and limit their activities to promoting charity, and providing essentials to the homeless, as she does in the greater metropolitan area of New York City and New Jersey. Looking that good in your costume is a welcome bonus.


6. Zombie Walks


From Brisbane, Australia to Lincoln, Nebraska to Stockholm, Sweden, huge crowds of people will annually do the infamous slow zombie shuffle to raise money for assorted charities, such as food banks and Brain Foundation Australia (for irony’s sake.) The first of these organized walks took place in 2001, and involved six people. If you’ll accept a rough estimate, the 2010 Brisbane walk drew the largest number with 10,000. Otherwise, a zombie walk in Mexico City that drew 9,068 in 2012 leads the pack.


5. Ronald McDonald vs. Colonel Sanders


On July 5th, at the 2008 Anime Expo in Los Angeles, uncool went so far that it circled around and became cool. While it’s kind of hard to side with either of these two overlords of obesity, we all owe photographer Steve Burt a big thanks for being on hand to record the showdown. There’s no photo available of the moment of victory, but c’mon, we all know who won.


4. Transformers

The original Transformers cartoon might mostly be good for nostalgia or camp value today. The new live action movies might be considered overlong popcorn entertainment, at best, by the critics. But, for the length of this video, the whole franchise will be cool once again. It’s a homemade costume that, as you can see, does indeed transform into what looks like a miniature Chevrolet Camaro. Wearing that at a dealership like he’s doing, though. just seems downright cruel to the customers.

3. Unicorn Guy


Now here’s how you prove to the world how masculine you really are. If you can dress like this and still come across as more man than 90% of the males who have ever looked at you, then you have made it. I have a distinct feeling that this is how most bronies see themselves. Also, don’t worry, a thorough Google search of this guy did not reveal any NSFW images. YET.

2. Legend of Korra


A great tribute, not only to a highly-regarded show, but to the power of timing (or at least using “continuous shoot” setting on your camera.) As you probably guessed here, the villain character Tarrlock is levitating some of the other characters from the series at the 2012 San Diego Comic Con in July. The facial expression of the guy on the right is an especially nice touch.


1. Star Wars


On December 27, 2007, the Sacramento, California Rose Parade was paid the imperial honor of having over two hundred members of the 501st Stormtrooper Legion take part. It stands to reason, given that the grand marshal of the parade was George Lucas himself. It was good to see this under-appreciated cult hit finally get some publicity.


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  1. Freethinker9761 on

    I thought that this was actually a pretty cool list. I really liked the #9 entry about the man who dressed up as the Batman, and why he actually does it. Anyone who does something like that is a pretty decent and caring person in my opinion. As far as the unicorn guy goes, um, well, that is….uh……how do I say this? That was just plain weird! Still, a surprisingly good list!

  2. Star Wars is an under-appreciated cult hit? I thought it was considered by most to be one of the greatest sci-fi movies ever. Guess I was way off.