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  1. auto devis
    auto devis at |

    Where do you really start with Sack

  2. schuyler
    schuyler at |

    What about the guys with tanks for bodies? I forgot their names, but I always thought they looked cheap. Like they were made with spare parts thrown onto a broken hotwheels or something.

    Also, and this isn’t X-Men but other Marvel universe stuff, was there ever a Howar the Duck toy? How about one for Dirtnap?

  3. TopTenz Master
    TopTenz Master at |

    I always thought this was the stupidest, if not weirdest, Marvel action figure: Scuba Splash Spidey. Because Spider-man is at his best underwater.

  4. Raven
    Raven at |

    Cable’s a thing now? Last time I checked he was just a guy with an exceptionally convoluted backstory.

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      No, he was always that and still his. I never understood his popularity. I still don’t really know what is power is, other than having Jean Grey in his life.

  5. Jimmy Cricket
    Jimmy Cricket at |

    If you were a kid between the early 90?s and today

    Lost me there. Grammar goes a long way.

  6. Stuart
    Stuart at |

    Yup, these were all terrible, but regardless, I have still been overcome by a powerful 80s/90s nostalgia and need to go and watch some Saturday morning cartoons.

  7. Zarco Rey
    Zarco Rey at |

    Not sure how serious you are being. Ka-Zar is the Tarzan of the Savage Land. Had his own comic once. He’s got more business being in a savage land line subset than the X-Men do.


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