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  • Metalman

    It’s a shame most of the Elminster books by Ed Greenwood are badly written…

  • Christopher

    so happy to see pug on this list ^.^ even if he wasn’t #1

  • Pink Kitty

    I’m sorry, but how is Harry Potter even on this list? Much less the number 1 wizard? The world of Harry Potter has by far the weakest wizards in literature much less all of fiction! My god, pick any wizard from Malazan and they could annihilate Potter with barely a thought! :/ If anyone from Harry potter was on this list at all it should be someone like Dumbledore, you even say in your list he’s not the strongest from his universe, so how can he be the #1 most powerful wizard in literature?

  • unknown

    I don t know how you can put Harry Potter stronger than Merlin . Harry need a damn magic wand to to magic , without that he is useless . Merlin is the most powerfull wizzard

  • Entreri

    The correct answer is Raistlin, given he became the most powerful God in his universe. Thus greater than Merlin, Strange or Rand (Wheel of Time). Harry is sooooo insanely weak and slow in comparison.

  • Jose Colon

    No Belgarath?

  • Isaac Kelly Mathews

    Harry Potter is NOT the most powerful wizard in literature. He may be the best character, but he’s not the most powerful by any means.