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  1. Nathan McAndrus
    Nathan McAndrus at |

    Harry Potter? How could he make any list. Gandalf is a far better and far wiser wizard than Harry. How can Harry be in the top one over the wizards of classical stories?

  2. HErp
    HErp at |

    Raistlin technically became the most powerful being in the dragonlance universe.

  3. Philip Zempel
    Philip Zempel at |

    Really terry goodkinds wizards first rule would crush most all these wizards

  4. Isaac Kelly Mathews
    Isaac Kelly Mathews at |

    Harry Potter is NOT the most powerful wizard in literature. He may be the best character, but he’s not the most powerful by any means.

  5. Jose Colon
    Jose Colon at |

    No Belgarath?


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