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  • Zaknven

    What a great list! It mixes wizards from all walks of life, genres, and age ranges. From classic Merlin to the modern Potter, you cant go wrong with this list. My favorite of all time, is Harry Dresden. He shows that just because you have magical firepower, it doesn’t make life any easier! Nice job!

    • elhuus

      I admit I didn’t recognize half the wizards in this list but I approve of Harry Dresden being in it.
      as a wizard character he’s way cooler than harry potter and can walk elbow to elbow with gandalf.
      Tough wizards use staffs not sissy wands :-).
      I can hardly wait to see what happens in book 14 – Cold Days. I hope it comes out soon.

    • Matt

      Wow. Im sorry but your list is horrible. Raistlin Majere should be number 1…..hands down. He DID become a GOD and not only that defeated the other Gods as well in the series. Gandalf and Harry Potter? Please, you could take all of your wizards you mentioned besides Dr. Strange and put them all against Raistlin and at the height of his powers when he did actually achieve his goal and became a GOD and destroyed the other Gods….there is no contest. Nice try, but there is NOOO way Raistlin should be number 9, and there is no way in hell Gandalf and Potter would be ahead of him. Raistlin is by far the most powerful wizard/archmage in ALL of fiction

      • michael

        Raistlin would destroy harry potter

  • Little_Sam

    I personally think Merlin should be higher than number 10 on this list. I think Merlin should be at least number 3. I can live with Harry Potter being number 1 and Gandalf being number 2. I won’t quarrel with you a lot about those two. However in my opinion Merlin should be number 3 at least.

    • They are listed in no particular order, as stated in the opening paragraph. But thanks for sharing your ranking, I’m sure most people have their own order.

      • Little_Sam

        I obviously did not read your caveat at the start of this list. Thanks for pointing that out to me. I will try to read the entire post in the future before making a comment. Thanks again for pointing your caveat out to me. Sorry about that. Oops!!

        • Your oversight is easily understood, we usually do give an order to our lists. I leave that up to each author though and this time Bill chose to list his 10 choices in a random order. Thanks for commenting.

  • 5minutes

    Did you seriously just put 2 comic book characters who most people have never heard of ahead of Merlin?

  • Andy

    How about Dungeon Master from the ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ cartoons? I think most people from my, ahem, generation would remember him, and his delivery of ‘I am Dungeon Master….your guuiiide….in the realms of…’….his little red cloak and comic timing and sage advice, and awesome power, is surely a match for most other wizards.

  • El Brujo Halcón

    And what about Rincewind??? I surely hoped to see him pop up in this list

  • Wrake

    I’d like to recommend The Black Company. Some of the most powerful wizards I’ve ever read are in these books. Some of them can melt mountains, make it rain something like acid, etc. But in contrast to these insanely powerful, yet often one dimensional wizards, a couple of the main characters are much much much less powerful hedge wizards who have plenty of personal weaknesses (a major one being alcohol) in addition to overall weaker abilities.

    The crazy powerful ones are under “The ten who were taken.”
    The less powerful ones are under “Members of The Black Company” named Goblin and One Eye.

    • elhuus

      Yeah I really liked ONE EYE he was a really fun wizard to read about especially his antics and duels with goblin when the mercenaries of the black company were not out slaughtering armies and slaying powerful beings

  • Torsin

    I think you should check on the best-selling statistics again. LOTR & Hobbit have sold ~100 million & ~90 million more than any Rowling book.

  • Great list…Would be interesting to place this list side by side with a Top 10 witches list.

    • Tom

      Good point. These are all males, what would a female list of magic users look like?. David and Leigh Edding’s Polgara would be an excellent example, as would Morgan le Fey. Elphaba from Wicked might be a good one to add, too. Hmmm, who else would be a good addition to the list? Everyone chip in and see if we can make a spontaneous top ten list here. 🙂

      • Anyone want to write a list for that topic? Email me at

      • Alaric

        Hermione since Potter’s on here
        Thessaly from the Sandman comics
        The 3 witches from A Wrinkle in Time (drawing a blank on them right now)
        Melisandre from Song of Ice and Fire

        I should know about a billion more, but it’s 4 in the A.M. where I am and my brain is tired.

  • Dreary Ln

    Rediculous Richard Rahl Didn’t make the list or Sauron? Come on

    • Tom

      Not being a fan of the Terry Goodkind series (too much torture for my taste) I can understand why Rahl did not make the top ten. And I think the author wanted only one sorcerer per series so Gandalf beats out the guy he helped defeat. I mean seriously, Sauron is defeated by Gollum, how can you take the guy seriously? 🙂

  • Kristin

    What about Ged from A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin? He went through an incredible transformation over the course of just one book, and he was an enormously powerful wizard at a very young age.

  • hary

    what about Dumbledore?

  • George

    I would say Gerald Tarrant, from the Coldfire trilogy, that is one powerful guy and a fascinatingly complex character!

  • Dallas Honeycutt

    I am very disappointed that Belgarath didn’t make this list. Belgarath is found in 12 novels and is every bit as powerful and fun as many, if not all, of the ones included on this list.

  • Jon

    Until recently for Harry Potter? It is by far the most popular series in the history of the world. Beating the second most sold sold series by over a 100 million sales.

  • demented

    Harry Potter rated higher than the prototypical wizard, Gandalf? You take that back right now! His whiny wangst in “Order” alone should rank him lower.

  • John

    Harry Potter is still the best selling book series of all time, it has sold nearly 500 million copies. Nothing has even come close to it yet. So what is it referring to?

    • Paul

      pfff 500 million copies? that’s what makes him popular? i’ve be searching for great wizards and potter only showed up a couple times. Gandalf and Merlin are far more popular.

  • Javito

    What!? Where’s Rincewind?

  • flurk

    No Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander? I’m out of here

  • Tyrell

    not sure if this was said yet or not but Gandalf is not actually a wizard. He is an Istari.

  • Eli

    You’d think Rincewind or Mustrum Ridcully would be here…

  • Kulgan

    I love that fact that Pug of Crydee is on the list. I haven’t seen him on similar blogs, and he is the most powerful sorcerer in not only his world, not only his universe, but in at least two (If he is more powerful than the most powerful Dasati, he is more powerful than the most powerful being in the universe that directly opposes the Dasati home-plane) other universes. This doesn’t even count the creatures of the void. (Tomas hinted that he could defeat any of the dread, and Pug/Milamber is as strong as Tomas) I’m not sure where Pug’s family (Miranda, Macros at his strongest, and Magnus especially) fits in power-wise.

  • Corey

    Why is Harry Potter even on this list, let alone #1? It is a list of the Top 10 Most Powerful Wizards in Literature and you even state in the description that he is not the most powerful AT HOGWARTS, let alone in all of the fantasy genre. Popularity and gusto are not what this list is about, according to the title. It’s POWER. As a wizard, Harry is average at best, except against Voldemort whose powers he is immune to. There are other wizards who are MORE powerful (Dumbledore, for example, and even Voldemort himself) who should’ve been on this list from the Potterverse before Harry ever was considered.

  • Anonymous

    no way merlin is #10 harry potter gets topped by merlin every time. All the other wizards can go to hell. Merlin #1 fashion sense

  • Merlin

    I am the most powerful wizard. check out my tumblr

  • Zzz

    Why do ‘kids’ always complain about someone else’s list?

  • Metalman

    It’s a shame most of the Elminster books by Ed Greenwood are badly written…

  • Christopher

    so happy to see pug on this list ^.^ even if he wasn’t #1

  • Pink Kitty

    I’m sorry, but how is Harry Potter even on this list? Much less the number 1 wizard? The world of Harry Potter has by far the weakest wizards in literature much less all of fiction! My god, pick any wizard from Malazan and they could annihilate Potter with barely a thought! :/ If anyone from Harry potter was on this list at all it should be someone like Dumbledore, you even say in your list he’s not the strongest from his universe, so how can he be the #1 most powerful wizard in literature?

  • unknown

    I don t know how you can put Harry Potter stronger than Merlin . Harry need a damn magic wand to to magic , without that he is useless . Merlin is the most powerfull wizzard

  • Entreri

    The correct answer is Raistlin, given he became the most powerful God in his universe. Thus greater than Merlin, Strange or Rand (Wheel of Time). Harry is sooooo insanely weak and slow in comparison.

  • Jose Colon

    No Belgarath?

  • Isaac Kelly Mathews

    Harry Potter is NOT the most powerful wizard in literature. He may be the best character, but he’s not the most powerful by any means.

  • Philip Zempel

    Really terry goodkinds wizards first rule would crush most all these wizards

  • HErp

    Raistlin technically became the most powerful being in the dragonlance universe.