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  1. throwbackguy
    throwbackguy at |

    its not the worst

  2. Kirk
    Kirk at |

    Both of those Angels calls always make me so mad. The Angels always seem to get screwed when it comes to umpires making important calls like those

  3. MS64436
    MS64436 at |

    The Denkinger call was a non factor in the result of the game because Orta was the 1st out on a play at third. So he didn’t score. Plus the 2nd base ump had blown an attempted steal attempt by White earlier in the game on a high tag. White got his foot to the base in time. Royals played the 25 of the 27 outs of the game and blew them out in 7th game. Cardinals always want to play the victim card.

  4. Jeff Carlisle
    Jeff Carlisle at |

    When I was a kid (long ago) there was a comic strip called Little Abner, about a handsome, muscle bound hillbilly who the ladies loved. A smitten Boston lass pleaded with him “I will follow you to the ends of the earth..even Brookline if necessary!!” Such is the endless and nauseating provincialism of Bostonians and Red Sox fans. This list is a bizarre rant of Yankee hatred..nothing more, nothing less. I’m a Reds fan yet felt compelled to point out the absurdity of this ‘list” ..after I got through laughing.
    Think of the math…there have been at least 20 teams (now 30) since 1962. Each plays 162 games a year and had, therefore, between 3%-5% chance to benefit from the countless questionable calls over those 45 years. Now if a team had 10% of the worst calls-double the natural chances-that would be ONE on a list of 10. If they had QUADRUPLE the chance of benefitting from bad calls, it’s 20%…2 of 10. Yet somehow, someway, at TWELVE times the rate of chance, the Yankees gained from 60% (6 of 10) of all the very worst calls in baseball according to the author of this-not worth scrawling back to get his name. The Redsox , according to this lunatic list benefitted…NOT AT ALL zero, zilch. In fact , since each franchise had between 3-5% chance of being HURT by bad’s put forth by this venomous Yankee hater that his beloved Sawks were directly HURT by 20% of those horrible calls -against my Reds in the Series in which Tony Perez made The Bearded lady’s junk ball disappear into the night-at win the Series on the road. The other “outrage” against Boston?..of course, a call favoring the Yanks. If you can’t make a list remotely objective, pal,…give it up As I said, I’m a Cincy fan but I know that no list, making even an insincere pass at fairness, could omit Yogi Berra’s clear tagging of Jackie Robinson attempting to steal home. But fairness isn’t part of the agenda, now is it?

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    i agree with mike deJong’s opinien

  6. Mike DeJong
    Mike DeJong at |

    You missed the blown call that cost the Blue Jays a triple play against the Braves in the 1992 Series.


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