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  1. The Blackbird
    The Blackbird at |

    Thanks for the giggles. You're hilarious!

  2. Startdust Fairie
    Startdust Fairie at |

    Dear Aqua Socks,

    You have brought me so much joy and anguish in one click of a finger…the thought of those rubbery angels brushing up against me in the water makes me swoon/vomit. It is my belief that all people liable and guilty of possessing the Devil's shoes should be persecuted and burned at the stake. I sincerely hope you figure everything out and take my suggestions,

    LOVE YA!!!!!

  3. Ian
    Ian at |

    Those are not Aqua Socks, but Vibram Five Fingers Classics

  4. Susan
    Susan at |

    You’re right, stepping in dog poop wearing All Stars sucks…

  5. T'Mar
    T'Mar at |

    I would add Crocs. I stepped in animal dung (could have been cow, sheep or goat) wearing my offroad Crocs and couldn’t get it all out of the holes. Had to buy new ones.

  6. Em
    Em at |

    The espadrilles are not so bad, but they can be more stylish with some other design.


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