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  1. ParusMajor
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    I actually understood the first math joke. If x shoots 8 in the cellar for stealing his limes, 8 falls down. Therefore, if 3 tries to steal x’s limes in the cellar, x will shoot him and 3 will also fall down. That’s hilarious! Haha! 🙂

    1. yaas
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      why u include a link to the wiki page?!?!?!

  2. Shoboni
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    No offense, but the entries on game and webcomic quotes seemed like the writer just stroking their ego by name dropping “high-brow” works and people and calling those forms(games and webcomics) of media inferior to make themselves look smart.

    1. redstick
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      “No offense”, eh? Never a good opening — always followed by something offensive.

  3. hahaha
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    harshly true!!!! my favourite was the youtube point..going on there is always a strange experience

  4. isolation
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    Number two just sounds painful

  5. MLK
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  6. Ela Iliesi
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    The list of Youtube celebrities was actually interesting. The Barbie carrers page also. This article was way too subjective, it should have been called Top 10 Wikipedia Pages & Articles I think badly of

  7. Josh
    Josh at |

    This has to be my least favorite Top Tenz list for a few reasons. One: Two on the top ten is from Wikiquote, which is completely different from Wikipedia. The whole point of Wikiquote is a collection of quotes from various medias. Two: being an encyclopedia, which is “a comprehensive reference work containing articles on a wide range of subjects or on numerous aspects of a particular field, usually arranged alphabetically.” This article proves that Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, which is the entire point of it. To make information readily available to anyone in one place. Not to brag about “Our goal with Wikipedia is to create a free encyclopedia; indeed, the largest encyclopedia in history, both in terms of breadth and in terms of depth. We also want Wikipedia to be a reliable resource”.—Larry Sanger. In short, this article is criticizing Wikipedia for being an encyclopedia. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Gwillhickers/Trivializing_and_misuse_of_Awards https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Purpose)
    P.S. Before anyone comments about me being a “Wikipedia-thumper” or something, I do enjoy a lot of other lists on Top Tenz just not this one.
    P.P.S. I get that this article is supposed to being humorous and not be taken serious.
    P.P.P.S. Number 9 was nominated for deletion once https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Articles_for_deletion/Lopadotemachoselachogaleokranioleipsanodrimhypotrimmatosilphioparaomelitokatakechymenokichlepikossyphophattoperisteralektryonoptekephalliokigklopeleiolagoiosiraiobaphetraganopterygon (Just a fun fact)
    P.P.P.P.S. Wikipedia has a sense of humor too: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Wikipedia_humor
    Thank you for reading my ramblings. Have a good day!


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