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  • Ian Jordan

    Where is the Owen gun? It was at least as reliable as the PPsh, and as cheap to make as the sten gun.

    • jay

      Exactly. Where is the owen gun. Better then the thomson, sten, mp40 etc on trials and the troops loved it. Only politics got in the way of the US mass producing it for there troops as it beat the thomson hands down.

  • A bloke

    The ten best WWII weapons – try the SPITFIRE !!
    The Hurricane
    Without both the battle of Britain would have been lost.
    Try the doodlebug – the V1.
    Try the U Boats that almost starved Britain to death !
    Try the Tiger tank.
    The Jerries had all the best kit (but we had spitfires and English roses to protect).
    Thanks to the yanks (you turned up eventually) and thanks to the Commonwealth and Russians really, it’s all academic and we can argue about it for fun (in English not German).
    But those few guns plus a grenade and a knife are not the best ten weapon of WWII.
    If I had to choose ONE – it would be the U Boat.
    Shocking to the moral, properly costly to the allies, hard to defeat and extremely effective. The U Boats did a lot more damage to the allied cause than bombing.

  • FUGA

    this is so much fuga

  • Cold

    Why am I not surprised that the M1 is rated as #1 in a “totally not biased” american ranking.

    The Stg44 or even the FG42 beats the M1 as “the best WW2 infantry weapon” by miles.

  • Anonymous

    “The Stg44 or even the FG42 beats the M1 as “the best WW2 infantry weapon” by miles”

    Um, no. excellent weapons, but the Stg44 wasn’t produced in the numbers needed to make it a Top 10 and the FG42, while awesome, didn’t have the range or stopping power” of the M1 which could send a bullet long range through 3 or 4 lined-up Japanese.

    • jono

      The Fg-42 fired the full round 7.92 X 57 so yes it did. Half a million stg-44’s were made, so I would think that would be enough numbers, and that rifle was the death knell for the M1 Garand too.

  • Anonymous

    Picture shows a Sterling SMG not a Sten.

  • Rory

    That’s not a Sten gun pictured… It’s a Sterling …formally adopted by the British army in 1951

  • Jonathan Feriza

    Wow, There’s No Mosin?? This is a joke

  • MIchael Cruz

    The pic under the Sten entry is a Sterling SMG…similar but a different weapon altogether…

  • Wargorr Bigodon

    Mosin Nagant?

  • akim

    Whats with the Stg.44? it probably was the best weapon of ww2

    • Kerstyn


  • Kerstyn

    I need close combat weapons for a research paper ASAP

  • Lol

    Lol the sten in the picture isn’t even the sten gun it’s a sterling sub machine gun

  • YO-merkonomi

    Quite bad list, sorry. No mosin nor suomi-kp