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  1. ParusMajor
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    Ronald Poppo is slowly recovering (as much as anyone can recover from being blinded and having his face eaten). He is now learning to play the guitar.

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  3. kurt
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    People–there are no such things as zombies, vampires, lycanthropes, etc! All this recent fascination with them on the internet and elsewhere has convinced some idiots that they actually exist. There is not now, nor will ever be a “zombie apocalypse.” Get real, people!

    1. skywatcher
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      You do not believe. That means our plan is working. MMM3WWWAA-HAA-HAA!!!

    2. MissLadyBuggy
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      Well, look at it this way. There may not ever be a “Zombie Apocalypse” In the traditional sense, where they would come back from the dead and take over the world. But, if you noticed, many of the cases above had to do with drug induced “zombie-like” States. If someone where to get a hold of a drug like that, they could start their own “Zombie-Apocalypse.” In a sense.

  4. Melissa Smith
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    The case of Jeffrey Dahmer is the most interesting on this list, in my opinion! However, The lost Roanoke colony comes in a close second.

  5. Tyler Cates
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    In my opinion the most interesting entry on this list would be the Jeffrey Dahmer case. I also like the Miami cannibal attack though.

  6. Hannah Brown
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    The most interesting one was number 2 I think because it was really recent and multiple cases. The old stuff can be hard to believe because who would actually know for sure, but the modern post involving Alexander Kinyua and the 2012 Zombie Apocalypse was able to be believable with the way the news would spread in todays society. However, I was repulsed with this mans actions.

  7. Kaitlyn Hummel
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    I personally though number seven was the most interesting. The man was put into a coma and then given drugs to make it so that he could still work, even though in a zombie-like state. The fact that we have the power to essentially make someone a zombie just by giving them a drug fascinates me. Also, it shows zombies in a different light, there isn’t the gore factor of them eating everyone that most “zombies” get all the hype for.

  8. Emily Kaiser
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    The George Forster case intrigued me the most–it may just be my English-nerd attitude and fascination with Frankenstein that drives it, but I find the principle of bringing life into a body via electrocution beyond interesting: I never would have thought of shooting electricity through one’s body to revive them, and it makes me wonder how such a thought would ever enter one’s consciousness.

  9. Cameron Macklin
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    I find the Jeffrey Dahmer article interesting. It is crazy what goes on in peoples’ heads now-a-days. I do not believe in these things, but it is also terrible that people would do things like this. I do not think that the answer has been found yet, but researchers are getting there… I guess.


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