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  1. RetroGamer at |

    Nice post. Organic or locally grown vegetables like asparagus, peas, tomatoes, broccoli & onions are still definitely worth buying for the taste!! At least the ones I get taste so much better than normal grocery store produce.

  2. tim at |

    I dont know about other states but here in california a great many of us never buy strawberries from the grocery store. Instead we buy them from local roadside stands in the spring, when they are in season. Not to mention the fields are yards away from the stand and usually close to populated areas. They are (if you ask me) not even the same species of berry as store bought. They are so much sweeter that if you ever tried one you would never buy starwberries at the store again. This added to the fact that almost no pesticides are used and picked fresh where you can see them. Its the only way to go.

  3. Sarah at |

    This is also true of meat. When we take into account that many of the pesticides found in the non-organic meat have been linked to serious short- and long-term health effects including infertility, birth defects and childhood and adult cancers, it’s definitely worth paying more mainly for the most vulnerable groups – children and pregnant women.

  4. pete at |

    yellow bell peppers are ripe when yellow and when aging they will rot but not turning red

  5. Maqui at |

    I’m glad you guys have apples at number one on the list. Many people are unaware that because of the thin skin on apples that any pesticides used seep into the flesh of the apple. Organic ones are really easy to buy to and they support organic farms.

  6. Jen at |

    I’ve seen a show where they used multiple products to wash off pesticides, and plain ol’ water proved to wash 98-100% of the pesticides away. I always wash my fruit. It’s probably rolled across the floor somewhere. Plus I don’t want to be eating manure. That’s gross.


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