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  • kyuubi

    I studied all my life in a catholic school and we DID learn evolution. Not al christians are close minded cretionist jerks like reddit and 4chan make you believe

    • SilenceSoLoud

      I went through Catholic schools (kindergarten through college) as well and the only time creationism came into the classroom (science or religion) was the teacher saying if you believe in creationism, too bad, you’re being tested on evolution.

      In fact, the catholic church endorses the theory of evolution and sees no conflict. They just argue that the soul is created directly by God, making humans special. Unfortunately, we get lumped in with the annoying fundamentalist everytime.

  • ash

    christians should learn about evolution because its correct and what they belive is wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong . Thank god for making me an athiest

    • 5minutes

      There’s nothing more hilarious than atheists trying to justify their own existence when, in fact, atheism teaches that there is no real value in existence.

      • Common Sense

        There is nothing more hilarious than theists (nuts) trying to justify their own existence when, in fact, religion tells you are nothing but a pet for some senile imaginary lunatic up in the sky.

        Atheism does not care for the reasons of existence. It simply states what everyone, including yourself (behind that thick head of yours), knows based on evidence that god does not exist. There are are more than the slave-master god hypothesis to give justification for existence and find value in it.

        • 5minutes

          If you don’t care about reasons for existence, then why exist?

          “It simply states what everyone, including yourself (behind that thick head of yours), knows based on evidence that god does not exist.”

          Really? Where is this evidence? Show it to us. Present it. Because I’m guessing you’re using a lot more faith than you’re willing to admit, because you’re drawing a conclusion about a being who, by description, is not bound by the laws of nature, and I’m guessing your evidence is purely naturalistic.

          Funny thing is, if atheism is true, then atheism itself is merely a chemical reaction in your brain, just as religion is a chemical reaction in my brain. It’s all chemical reaction, and since there is no overarching ethical standard, then YOU have no right, under your own philosophy, to presume that your own beliefs have more value than mine.

    • Kich

      Dude, there are many Christians who think evolution is wrongx6, too. You already understand how they feel about a bunch of people with what they believe to be wildly inaccurate beliefs, and so stop bashing them. You’re only contributing to the number of Christians who do not tolerate atheists because they keep encountering more of them who act like you. In short, you make atheism look bad just like the Christians you hate make Christianity look bad.

  • chris

    good list

  • 5minutes


    1. Let’s make this very clear: “Christians” are not synonymous with “creationists”. There are Christians who are not creationists and there are creationists who are not Christian.

    2. Second – there is no conflict between science and religion. They cover 2 different areas of life. The purpose of science is to educate us about the observable universe. Religion attempts to educate us about the unobservable universe. While they may cross paths, they can co-exist quite nicely.

    3. Finally, the big debate among Christian creationists is really focused around a single word in Genesis chapters 1 and 2: yowm. In most translations of the Bible, the word “yowm” gets translated as “day”. Creationists have taken this to the extreme of saying that it is a literal, 24-hour day. The problem is that yowm doesn’t JUST mean day. It also means month, year, era, and undefined period of time. Basically, Genesis 1 is saying “First, God created light. Second, God created the firmament…” and so on. If you really want to watch creationists twitch over this, point out that Genesis 2:3 and 2:4 both have yowm, but one describes a single “day” in the creation process (where God rested) while the other describes the entire “week”-long creation process. Obviously, there’s some flexibility. Throw in the fact that the vast majority of Hebrew scholars don’t subscribe to the 24-hour theory and… well…

    I’m not saying I don’t believe God COULD have done it in seven literal days. I’m just saying that in a universe where quasars are 14 billion light-years away, I think that maybe there needs to be some flexibility in the issue.

  • time2go

    Good thoughts. Approval. 5minutes has some interesting thoughts as well.

  • Jeshua

    I go to a Christian school, and we did a whole unit about evolution.

    • Common Sense

      And what did you learn?

      • kyuubi

        It´s call Theistic evolution. google it

  • Harry

    Regardless if who is right or wrong, evolution should be taught in schools on the same grounds religion is – because it is a belief. Denying a possible and more than probable truth is denying people the right to make their own minds up. It’s not healthy.

    • Common Sense

      I suggest you should look into your own comment and see why you should follow your own advice. By the way, evolution is a scientific theory (there is a difference from regular theories and scientific), while religion is not. Please learn at least the basics of evolution (at that, try to learn the other side of anything before you go on a tirade of regurgitation based on what your preacher said) before making yourself look ignorant. – by the way, this goes for most of the commentators and even the author of this article.

      • Harry

        I’m a devout Atheist who teaches science in schools. Re-read my comment. Idiot.

        • wtfm

          A devot atheist . Ha. You brain dead theist troll.

  • ParusMajor

    Oh, wait a minute now. Why would you think that Christians do NOT study evolution? Do you think all Christians are stupid? I am a Christian and I was still taught evolution in high school.

    • Heavens_Joke

      The author never stated that Christians DO NOT study evolution, nor did he make any assertion that Christians were stupid. All he was doing was explaining why it is good that they do learn about it. There has been an ongoing fight from Christians to stop public schools from teaching evolution and replace it with creationism. The author was simply giving reasons (good ones) as to why it is important to keep evolution in the curriculum and why removing it would be damaging to our youth.

      I too learned about evolution in public school, most people have. However, unlike most people, I actually went through public school and private Christian school. And at the Christian school I attended, evolution was not taught at all and Creationism was taught as fact rather than theory. Being that most of the students at the school had been attending the school (as well as the connected Baptist church) for their entire lives, they never contested this. However, I was enrolled in the school my 9th grade year and had already learned about evolution in middle school. I was expelled about half way through the school year because I was very vocal in my disapproval of the curriculum and because I was presenting evolution to the other kids during lunch. It turns out that most of their parents wanted their children to remain ignorant and complained to the Principal/Reverend about me.

      So no, not all Christians are stupid. But apparently, some of them want their children to be.

  • Syd Barrett

    You really opened a can of worms with this list. But its good and it hits very good points.

  • Phil

    Good list. I was expecting a very one-sided list, but got a very well-balanced viewpoint.

    Of course, the comments often end up being a slanging match between diametrically opposed fundamentalists (and I’m sure I’ll get my own suitably vitriolic response).

    As an engineer, scientist, and Christian, I think evolution should be taught. As the theory it is. Scientific theories are taken to be true until they are proved false, and can be very useful guides to the universe we live in.
    Unfortunately it is often taught in the UK as a verified scientific law, setting up a needless opposition to the Christian viewpoint. Belief in either theory to the point of thoughtless dismissal of all others is in itself very unscientific, and as the list itself hints at, the two are not actually mutually exclusive.

    thanks again for the well balanced list.

    • Bungalow

      Evolution is pretty much a law.
      At this point, given all of the evidence towards evolution, there is pretty much no chance whatsoever of it being proven false. So well done Britain.

  • Camo

    So here’s a theory. Perhaps Darwin didn’t claim to be an atheist or denounce religion because in the 1800s he would have been burnt at the stake for been a heratic. Fact is religions of all types rely on the ignorance of their followers and an intrenched fear of punishment from an all knowing all seeing being to maintain their hold on power over the masses. If they had their way the world would still be flat and the sun would revolve around it.

    • That is not true. My church and every church I have been a member of has always believed that God gave us a mind and we are to use it. You are confusing the small mindedness of men who lead with fear-mongering, which happens in every vein of life unfortunately, with the true teachings of Christianity. We believe God made us and knows that man has a mind to think and a curious mind at that. That is why we have free-will/free-thought, so we can question and make our own decisions.

      I won’t argue that many terrible things have been done in the name of religion, but many more great kindnesses are done and done every day by Christians. Fanatics and manipulators should color all of Christ-followers.

  • Richard Watson

    What about Muslims? Should they study or are you just targeting Christians? The real reason you hate Christians is because you refuse fidelity

    • I am a Christian. Understanding that world and its creatures evolve is not against my Christian beliefs. Think before you react. Did you even read the article. Sheesh.