Bruce Lee Literally Punched Too Fast To Block


Now we’ve already covered how badass Bruce Lee is before, but Bruce Lee is a man too awesome to be constrained to a simple 10 item list, so here’s an eleventh one for you to sink your teeth into. Now if you click the article above you’ll see one thing you always see whenever Bruce Lee is mentioned online, someone commenting saying that MMA fighters today would kick his ass. Because if there’s one thing MMA fans have in common with MMA fighters it’s massive head wounds and the inability to string together coherent sentences. So for everyone who doubts the abilities of Bruce Lee here’s a fun fact, Bruce Lee was too fast for a trained martial artist to block his punch. Even if they knew it was coming.

Which is odd, since if you're stood next to Bruce Lee a punch is always coming. Always!

Which is odd, since if you’re stood next to Bruce Lee a punch is always coming. Always!

Aptly dubbed, “the unstoppable punch”, Lee was capable of channelling all of his skill into a single, unblockable blow, considering how fast and hard Lee could punch, suffice to say this would have been a trump card that would have ended fights instantly. Bruce didn’t do this against a chump either, he did it against, Vic Moore, a 10th Dan black belt. Lee threw this punch 8 times and all 8 times Moore failed to block it. When you can throw a punch that a 10th level Karate black belt can’t see coming, people officially lose the right to say you wouldn’t be able to beat someone in a fight.



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