A Guy Once Won the 400M By Walking


Wyndham Halswelle is the only guy in Olympic history to win a race by “walkover”, if you’re not sure what that means, basically rather than running and getting sweaty like a chump, he lazily walked around the track and then won a gold medal, because suck it, spirit of healthy competition.

Wynham in a rare moment of not being a pimp.

Wynham pictured here in a rare moment of not being a pimp.

How did this occur you ask? Well disembodied voice in our head, Wyndham actually did run the 400M race properly during the 1908 Olympics, however, when someone blocked him like a coward, the race was declared void and it was ordered that runners, with the exception of the guy who elbowed Wynham, run the race again. The other two American runners refused to run out of protest, or possible fear (probably fear) leaving Wyndham with literally no competition. Thus allowing him to be the only man in recorded history who walked over the finish line and got a gold medal for it.

Source. Source.

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  1. Not really – he won gold with a time of 50 seconds for 400 metres – so hardly walking speed. It was a walkover because he wasn’t up against anybody – not because he walked!!!