Top 10 Insanely Bratty Actions by Children


Most children have some behavioral issues. Everyone is human and you can’t expect anyone to be perfect. However, most parents only expect typical rebellion from children and teenagers. Sometimes they and us are shocked by the lengths that kids will go to. There are children out there who are so incredibly insane, or just plain bratty that they do ridiculous things to get their way, or sometimes just to get attention. Below are ten of the most insanely bratty children in the world.

10. Australian Boy breaks into zoo and feeds animals to Crocodile.

Australia Boy Zoo Carnage

An Australian boy of about seven years old broke into a zoo enclosure in the middle of the night. He then killed several small animals, and fed them to the zoo’s crocodile. The kid facilitated his entry by conveniently getting over a not very secure fence and proceeded to kill small animals for fun for about thirty minutes. Newspapers reported the boy having a “blank” look as he performed these actions, like he was just playing a video game, and didn’t seem emotionally involved in what he was doing at all. Or perhaps he is just a budding sociopath, only time will tell.

9. Teen fakes 911 call about school shooting.


This story centers around a bratty American teenager who decided to text his mother while he was at school and tell her that a shooting was happening around him. His mother was of course terribly frightened and called the police, who proceeded to put the entire school on lockdown and search for a shooter. It turns out that the teenager did the whole thing as a joke, because making your mom think you might get gunned down by a gun wielding sociopath is terribly funny. The entire issue was exacerbated by the fact that the school had recently had a threat up an upcoming “student revolution”, making the whole situation seem that much more dire.

8. Boy calls police on his mother due to “forced labor”.


A young German boy had life really tough, you see, after he was done playing all day, his mom asked him to “tidy up”. There was no way this child was going to let such an offense slide, so after repeated attempts to get his mother to see reason, he finally made good on his threats. The boy called the police and told them that his mother put him through “forced labor”, yes he actually called the police on his mother because she made him do chores. The police advised the boy that doing chores did not constitute forced labor, and hopefully taught him an important lesson.

7. A teenager calls the police on her mother because she heard her mother have sex.


A teenager girl in Florida heard her mother and her boyfriend making love in the next room, now most people if annoyed by this might knock on the door, or yell, or the truly passive aggressive might send a text. However, this girl called the police about it, because she felt “disrespected”. At first the girl wanted to go away to a Christian counseling center, but then decided not to because “it was almost time for school”. It makes her desire to go away to a counseling center sound a bit insincere, if she totally gives up on it because she has to get to school. The mother contends that she did not mean to wake her daughter, and didn’t think she would hear.

6. Boy calls police about his dad taking his Xbox away.


One American teenager was upset that his dad took his Xbox away, so he called the police to see if his rights were being violated. He got nervous, however, and hung up. The police were undaunted though, and dropped by the house to visit to make sure everything was okay. They were more than a bit amused at the call, and informed the boy that his dad could indeed take his stuff away. But he isn’t the only one, another American boy had his PS3 taken away from him by his mother, and called the police to see if she had the right to do so. The police had to explain to the kid that his mother can take away his game console until he did his piano practice.

5. Kid glues his hand to bed to get out of going back to school after holiday.


A Mexican boy enjoyed his holiday immensely, and really did not want to go back to school after the break. After thinking very hard about all of the normal options, like faking sick or pretending to be injured, he opted for a much more insane idea. He took some industrial strength glue and used it to glue his hand right to his bedside table so he would not be able to go to school. Unfortunately for Diego, emergency workers managed to get him unstuck with the proper solvents in time to make him go straight to school.

4. Six year old takes a drive in his mother’s car to avoid missing school.


A six year old American boy clearly had a bit of a troubled family life, because after missing the bus, he decided to sneak his sleeping mother’s car right out from under her nose. The boy did not want to miss breakfast or PE at school, so he drove his mother’s car over ten miles before crashing. After he crashed, he tried to walk away from the wreck and continue heading straight toward school. The child only sustained very minor injuries, however, his parents are being charged w         ith child endangerment. We can’t help but find this story somewhat adorable, this kid was not going to miss school. Some reports, we might add, say that even at his young age he was playing Grand Theft Auto.

3. Boy sneaks on airplane to run away from mother after a minor disagreement.


Little eleven years old Liam Corcoran of the UK had just had an argument with his mommy at the supermarket, so he ran off to avoid dealing with the aftermath. First he found a bus pass on the floor and boarded a bus to the nearby airport. Then, while looking for a lavatory, he managed to sneak unintentionally through several security checkpoints, and make it onto a plane headed for Rome. They plane was already in the air and well on the way before the flight crew realized they had a little stowaway on board. After landing the plane headed right back and brought him home, when asked by reporters about getting on board the plane he said that it was “even easier than video games”.

2. Boy fakes his own kidnapping to avoid parent, teacher conference.


An eleven year old Spanish boy was scared of going to an upcoming parent teacher conference, she he decided on a clever plan to call off the entire thing. The boy called up his dad and told him in whispers that he had been abducted. His father was a police officer and mobilized the entire province to find his son, but then found out that the entire thing was a hoax perpetrated by his own child. While we have to compliment the kid on his creativity, it seems like the punishment for a bad report card would not be as bad as the trouble you would get in for lying about being kidnapped to your policeman father.

1. Teens drug their parent’s milkshakes for more internet time.


These two teenagers’ girls from Northern California really take the spoiled brat cake. One of their parents, you see, had some rules in regards to the internet. In essence after 10:00PM the internet was turned off for the night, now many teenagers would try flattery, or bribery or just plain out wheedling, but these two had a cleverer scheme. The teens bought milkshakes for the girl’s parents and drugged them with sleeping pills. The parents stopped drinking after saying they tasted “grainy”, but still passed out only to wake a few hours later with hangover symptoms. The girls are being charged with a crime for allegedly drugging their parents, and will likely find the internet policy at the county jail even less satisfactory.

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  1. The bastard from number 10 should be killed now before he becomes the next Jeffrey Dahmer, some people are born evil and cannot be changed.

    • Wow a little bit harsh considering he hasn’t actually killed anyone. And actually many people can change, including psychopaths. Also not all psychopaths are murders. However the kid should be counseled, he needs to come to understand why his actions were wrong.

  2. on #10, I read the linked article… I agree the kid’s parents should be penalized for negligence and the kid is troubled… but hes 7, and the zoo is not completely innocent. They acknowledged it took 30 minutes because ‘the kid was too small to set off the security sensors’… a child should not be able to access a crocs habitat period, they should be sued for negligence as well. I was very disappointed to read the zoo’s quote

    “I just want people to learn that they can’t let their children go and run amok,” Neindorf said. “If we can’t put the blame onto the child, then someone has to accept the responsibility.”

    He also admitted “The boy’s small size is probably the reason he didn’t trip the zoo’s security system, which relies on sensors to detect intruders, Neindorf said.”

    This is B.S. Both the parents AND the zoo should be penalized. The zoo has a responsibility for its visitors saftey, period.

    Side Note: Enough with the ambiguity, “fed animals”, “small animals”, LIST THE ANIMALS, using the word animal is extraordinarily vague and allows the mind to really take liberties in its imagination.

  3. what about that 7 year old kid Latarian Milton who liked to ‘smoke cigawettes and do all dat hood rat stuff”? The kid stole grandma’s SUV then drove around GTA3 style doing thousands of dollars in damages. When he was finally stopped by the cops and made aware of how wrong his actions were and that damage must be paid for he asked if his grandma could take care of it.

    Grandma said she’d beat him if she didn’t think they’d put her in jail.

  4. How is number 10 not number 1?? That is a psychopath right there. Make no mistake, they’re gonna find a head in that kid’s fridge in a few years time

    • I agree, the number 1 on this list was proof that those children were very spoiled, but the fact that a seven-year old boy fed little animals to a crocodile is just sadistic to think about.