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In the Pokemon series of games a new creature called Spinda was introduced in the third generation. The in game Pokedex entry for this Pokemon is as follows, “It is said that no two Spinda have the same pattern of spots.

We're holding onto hope that at least one has a penis on its face.

This isn’t just a throwaway line, each Spinda you encounter has its spots generated by a random and hidden in game value. In terms of numbers, there are 4,294,967,296 possible combinations of patterns a Spinda can potentially have . Your odds of finding two Spinda with the same pattern is less likely than winning the lottery 200 times. In terms of time, if you caught 1 uniquely patterned Spinda per minute and kept going till you’d caught them all, it would take almost 8000 years. As a bonus, every single Pokemon has a 1/8000 chance of being shiny, which doubles the total number of potential ways a Spinda can look putting the total number of unique combinations of pattern and color at well over 8 billion.

Just for a second realize that this information was stored on a single standard Gameboy cartridge along with the entirety of the Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire game and 300 other Pokemon. Isn’t technology radical?


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  1. When they mentioned shinies, they only reminded me of when I found a shiny graveler and it used self destruct ;-; D:C

  2. dude!!! last line was total bs lol. Any computer or circuit that randomly generates values does not have to save the values to generate them like u said earlier 4,294,967,296 combinations are possible so it ‘does not mean that it has saved 4,294,967,296 combinations in it then generated one from them’