Top 10 Moments of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


Back in 2009, the people over at decided to create a phony movie trailer for April Fools Day that was based on the video game saga The Legends of Zelda. This video clip was very powerful and created a buzz that rippled through the foundation of all fans who enjoy playing as the heroic character, Link, from the series.The false movie trailer had an enormous feel of realism and promised to be the next blockbuster hit.

Upon viewing the near three minute long teaser, certain elements of a common trend began to surface. The title of the movie trailer was called The Legends of Zelda, however, the entire trailer was based on a single game in the series. The classic Ocarina of Time installment of the mega series, released back on the Nintendo 64 console in 1998, was the focal point of the entire piece.

While some fans were surprised (and disappointed) to find out the movie trailer was fake, it certainly wasn’t surprising that Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time- one of the most superior video games ever produced- was the dominant storyline. Here is a list of the top ten moments from this popular game:

10. The Fairy Known As Navi


Who can forget the opening scene of Ocarina of Time, where Link’s new sidekick is introduced to the world? Navi, a small glowing fairy is instructed to aid the plucky adventurer, as he defeats the evil monsters that have entered the land. To this day, we all remember the adorable Navi whizzing through the town where Link resides, trying to find him to begin the quest (running into a fence in the process and shaking the cobwebs). She is remembered as being the one who would shout “Hey!” at Link when a clue had to be mentioned. Although despised by some critics, no one can say this fairy wasn’t one of the best navigators in gaming history.

9. Behold…The Landscape of Hyrule

The creators of Ocarina of Time appeared to have an overall style for the environment in mind when designing the game, and that was to make it, for the most part, soothing. The towns, forests, and countryside were easy on the eyes: from the mountains and trees, to the in-game characters. The game was like taking a journey into one’s hopes and dreams, it took the player to a faraway place, without ever having to leave their house.

8. Come Back Here You, Cuccos!

The thrill of trying to catch the Cuccos in the humble village of Kakariko is a memorable moment in the game. Running through town, picking up those crazy chickens, and putting the feathered friends back in their pen was fun and challenging. As you picked one up, they would flap frantically in your hands, as to say, “Let me go!” How fun was it to leap high in the air, while holding onto one, gliding your way down to the ground below? Once the Cuccos were returned safely back to their pen, the owner of the chickens would reward your hard work with an empty bottle.

7. The Soundtrack

The music in Ocarina of Time was a masterpiece. One of the best theme melodies to be orchestrated for a video game. The songs weren’t rushed in the slightest, and told a story for every town in Hyrule: from the enchanting hum of the song found at Lon Lon Ranch to the uplifting harmony of the Lost Woods. Even a rap album was made called Ocarina of Rhyme, using samples of the music found in the game, and was accompanied by lyrics. A personal favorite of mine however was the shop theme. When Link went into a little store, a great beat could be heard blaring through the speakers.

6. Ganondorf

The presents of Ganondorf were intimidating and rewarding at the same time, as you knew that an epic battle was on the horizon. His yells in battle still ring in my ears today. The great thing about the Link vs. Ganondorf fight in the Ocarina of Time was that there were several battles, not just a single final boss showdown. Even the last battle with the fearless swordsmen, was a two-parter, as he waited for you for a very classic battle in the confines of a blazing circle of fire. His beast form and dual wielding swords instilled extreme terror in the player. One of the best video game villains ever. The six sages are sent in to help Link take down the evil Ganondorf once and for all…or is it?

5. Horse Race

Feeling the breeze blow through his blond hair, Link rides through the open field of Hyrule with Epona- a great moment in the game. But before this could occur, Link had to win a race against Ingo to own the four legged friend. Beating him once was just the appetizer, Link was in the race of his life in the second race against the crazy ranch owner. Ingo would show his true colors and try to stop Link from leaving the ranch with the horse even after he was victorious. Ingo’s painful, frustrated yell is priceless. Link rides out with Epona regardless. A great moment in the game. Make sure to watch those carrots.

4. What’s a Goron, Exactly?

Finding his way up Death Mountain, Link comes across a surreal cave, that leads into the world of Gorons. These fierce yet adorable creatures enjoy the simpler things in life. They don’t have any trouble dancing to the beautiful rhythm of a good jingle. Gorons are proud tribesmen, and come in many sizes. Don’t be shocked if you see these happy go lucky characters rolling around town as this is their main source of transportation. If Link plays the right song, he just might melt the Goron’s hearts. Keep rolling forward!

3. Fishing

Link could fish at a little pond to release his tension during his journey to get rid of the man known as Ganondorf. The most memorable experience at this little pond however was trying to wrangle in the Hyrulean Loach, the biggest fish in all of Hyrule. Weighing in at a whooping thirty¬five pounds. Two words…Fish On!

2. Entering the Great Deku Tree For The First Time

At the beginning of the game, Link is ordered by the Great Deku Tree to come and speak with him. Upon arriving, the player is instructed by the Great Deku Tree to enter his mouth to try and break a curse set upon the wise tree. Everyone remembers seeing the mouth of the Great Deku Tree opening up, and you standing there for a brief moment, asking, “Am I suppose to go in there or something?” Inside the Great Deku Tree was a unique experience as well. The most familiar moment inside the tree was having to reach the highest platform and jump high into the air, to break a thick spider web at the bottom floor. Although the curse was lifted from the confines of the Great Deku Tree, he eventually dies once Link makes his way out from within him.

1. Songs of the Ocarina

Throughout the game, Link must discover the notes of how to play a particular song to help in his crusades to vanquish the evil around him. Once a song is revealed, Link must know how to play the song, by remembering the combination on the player’s controller. Studying the song and trying to remember the pattern throughout the game was a very delightful experience (and sometimes a little bit frustrating.)

by Garrett Smedley

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  1. How was the Temple of Time slash pulling the Master Sword out slash changing into an adult not number one?

  2. Brandon Brownson on

    You really didn’t have very many moments in this list, dude. This is mostly just random stuff. A moment would have been when we found out Saria was a sage, or when Ganon was vanquished…. playing the Ocarina, which is something you have to do every 5 minutes in the game, isn’t a moment, so much as an element of the game. Good list, but horrible name for it

  3. This list shows why Zelda is still so much better than 99 percent of games today with all their fancy graphics and schticks. Most games nowadays last mere hours from start to finish. Zelda was EPIC.

    My particular favorite moment was the ending. It was a satisfying ending that really gives the game closure, an extended coda throughout the village. You really felt like you accomplished something and being rewarded for it, but it also makes you sad the game ended. Game endings nowadays are pure lazy, maybe a few minutes here or there with some captions and then the credits.

    By the way, is it coincidence that the fairy in the opening is named Navi, and the alien species in James Cameron's Avatar is also named Na'vi? But then again Cameron isn't exactly shy about ripping off other sources for his movies (Delgo anyone)

        • You haven’t been there when it was first out, you fail to see quality when it’s right before your eyes, this game was legend, it was something very new back in the days. But a 12 year old can’t possibly understand that, again you weren’t there when it was just released.