Top 10 Stupid Criminals Who Recorded Their Crimes


5. Various Beheadings By Islamic Terrorists


In the years following the American-led coalitions to defeat Saddam Hussein in Iraq, and Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan, various terrorists groups developed stiff and barbaric resistance to the coalition forces. This included videotaped beheadings of, in some cases, civilian journalists. For example, Daniel Pearl, an American journalist, was kidnapped and executed on film via beheading in Pakistan. The eventually-arrested terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammed claimed he personally beheaded Pearl.

In addition, another noted terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi personally beheaded American Jewish businessman Nicholas Evan Berg in Iraq. Later that same year, both American helicopter engineer Paul Marshall Johnson, Jr., and South Korean translator and Christian missionary Kim Sun-il were videotaped being beheaded in Saudi Arabia and Iraq, respectively. Finally, Owen Eugene Armstrong was also videotaped being beheaded (possibly by al-Zarqawi as well,) along with two other hostages in the autumn of 2004 in Iraq.

Given the multi-faith and international background of these victims, global condemnation of these acts of terrorism have been considerable. Even many who opposed the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan could hardly endorse such barbaric, medieval murder of civilians. Unfortunately, not all responsible for these crimes against humanity have been apprehended, but at least now-deceased mass murderers Zarqawi and bin Laden can no longer participate in, or endorse, such savagery. Watching the videos of these murders is stomach-churning.

4. Mr. Hands


“Mr. Hands” is the nickname of Kenneth Pinyan. His videos are gross enough from the news descriptions that there’s even less need for our eyes to view them than with some of the other videos mentioned here. According to media sources, Pinyan had recorded himself engaging in bestiality, and then shockingly (and stupidly) distributed those recordings online. In 2005, during an incident that has become known as “the Enumclaw horse sex case,” Pinyan and two other men decided to include an stallion known as “Big Dick” in one of their depraved acts of animal abuse. Without getting into all the details, ever hear the expression “hung like a horse?” It exists for a reason, one that Pinyan learned the hard way, after he ultimately succumbed to death via perforated colon.

Given his death, he could not be charged criminally with anything; however, one of his accomplices, 54-year-old photographer James Michael Tait, pleaded guilty to trespassing on the farm in which the fatal incident occurred. The state of Washington, where the bestiality took place, subsequently made such acts (both the act itself and the recording of it) formally illegal.

3. The Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs


The Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs refer to Ukrainian serial killers Viktor Sayenko and Igor Suprunyuck, both of whom were arrested and charged with 21 murders, as well as a third conspirator, Alexander Hanzha, charged with two armed robberies. Of the people included on this list, the Maniacs are among the most prolific in terms of both animal and human abuse, in a relatively limited amount of time. They committed as many, if not more crimes, in two months than Lake and Ng did in nearly three years. Bravo?

They photographed and videotaped acts of brutality against everything from cats to young women to old men. All of these horrors that made up their crime spree occurred from June through July 2007. Of the victims videotaped or photographed, the most well-known was 48-year-old Sergei Yatzenko, who is shown in a despicable video titled “3Guys1Hammer.” In the video, the three thugs stab their helpless victim in the eye and stomach with a screwdriver before hammering his head repeatedly. Ultimately, the two murderers received life sentences in prison, while Hanzha received nine years.

2. The Murderers of Muammar Gaddafi


Muammar Gaddafi was the self-proclaimed “King of Kings of Africa,” and leader of Libya for over forty years. His October 2011, video-recorded murder by rebels is perhaps the most widely seen of all these murders we’ve mentioned here. Multiple angles of the events leading to his death have been seen on news reports and websites around the world.

Gaddafi’s death is one of the more notable of recent history, enough so to be the subject of a rather lengthy Wikipedia article, with videos of his murder remaining widely available. The defeated Gaddafi is seen on the videos pleading with his captors, who shout and cheer as he is manhandled by them. He appears in various videos bloodied, partially stripped, possibly beaten and shot, and at one point has something shoved between his butt cheeks, suggesting he may have even sexually assaulted/sodomized by a stick or bayonet prior to finally succumbing to some number of gunshot wounds. Whether or not you consider Gaddafi a sponsor of terrorism, he was apparently captured and summarily executed without trial, which makes how he died technically a criminal act.

1. Luka Rocco Magnotta


The most recent video-taped crime of note is also one of the worst. It appears to come from Canadian porn star Luka Rocco Magnotta, who is currently being investigated for a wide array of sickening videotapes of him torturing kittens by suffocating them in a vacuum cleaner, or by feeding them to a large snake.

But even more controversial is an eleven-minute recording titled “1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick,” an obvious allusion to the most notable recording by the Ukrainian murderers listed above. For as bad as the Ukrainian murder tape is, so too is the video of Magnotta purportedly committing acts of murder, and even cannibalism and necrophilia, on someone named Lin Jun. Later, a dismembered foot, likely belonging to Jun, was mailed to the national headquarters of Canada’s Conservative Party, while a right foot was delivered to St. George’s School, and a right hand to False Creek Elementary School. Magnotta was ultimately captured in Berlin, having apparently fled from Canada, but he has since been returned to his home country to face justice for his crimes.

By Dr. Matthew Zarzeczny, the author of Meteors That Enlighten The Earth

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    • Matthew Zarzeczny on

      Dear Bad Dude,

      I wrote and submitted this list a while before that particular video came out. Websites such as this one receive many, many list submissions and as a consequence, sometimes new material comes out after a list has been submitted and approved, but before the list can be published on the site. I agree that the content of the video you mention is despicable.



  1. Although the tape itself was not released, there are a few screenshots taken from the Meiwes video available online. Horrible horrible horrible!

  2. Why are these people arrested? As Richard Dawkins the famous atheist scientist says humans are a combination of dna’s and emotions and other comes due to interaction of neurons…so these people who probably committed these did it because their neurons were programmed to act like that…..if it appears disgusting to me or to many then it is a problem with my neurons….well so much for atheist logic

        • Rules, laws, guidlines and the lack of ability to adhere to them, is a weak place to defend the existance of a diety, or non existance. Your statements gives credit to an argument against a god due to pediphilia in priests.

    • Well, you are responsible for how you are “programmed” as long as you are able to act somewhat normal in other situations.

  3. One should note that “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” is an outragous mockery of Michel’s story. The people who were involved in her murder (yes, I call it murder) believed that they were right and have done a good deed for all their lives – and that movie supports that view. It doesn’t show a metally ill young woman tortured to death by fanatics, but claims that she was really posessed.

    Watch “Requiem” (2006) instead. While not following the story in each detail, it’s still closer to the truth and therefor much more disturbing.

  4. Another addition: Nulla poena sine lege! A basic law of every democratic nation. This also means that “Mr. Hands” is completely wrong in this list, since he’s not a criminal. You cannot be punished for something that has just become a crime after you have done it. Well, ok, given how creative courts in Europe and the US have become today they would probably find a way. Hm, and it was done in the Nuremberg Trails, too, but I think most people would agree that it’s OK not to mention that.