Top 10 Subreddits You Should Definitely Subscribe To


Reddit, depending on who you ask, is either the greatest source of information and entertainment on the web, or a leaking cesspit of misogyny and sexism with a very good façade. To be honest, it’s a lot of both, which is what makes it so iconic and awesome. Whether you’re a budding Redditor, or simply want to quietly glean all the best bits out of it, here are 10 of the best SubReddits you should subscribe to, to ensure your experience is as radical as possible.

10. Space Porn


Okay, so title-wise we’re not off to the best start here. No, there are no boobs on the Spaceporn SubReddit, unless you’re looking at Olympus Mons while squinting or something. Nope, Spaceporn is actually a collecting of high quality and stunning images of space, the solar system, and the galaxy we live in.

Of course it’s easy to say you should subscribe to this subreddit purely for the sheer awesomeness contained, but we’d like to recommend it for a different reason. The next time you feel a little down, and your life’s problems are just plain overwhelming, look at any picture from this subreddit and realize that, in the grand scheme of things, all human problems are tiny in comparison to the vastness of the Universe we inhabit. It’s amazingly humbling when you realize that, despite all of life’s hardships, no one, anywhere in the entirety of the entire Universe, is experiencing the exact situation you’re in right now.

9. Games


The Games SubReddit is, unsurprisingly, dedicated to all things gaming. However, it’s far, far better in terms of quality than the other gaming SubReddit, imaginatively called “Gaming”. Mainly because the Games SubReddit focuses almost entirely on breaking gaming news, whereas the Gaming SubReddit mostly focuses on saying “hey, remember this game from the 90’s? Well, here’s a picture of it, neat, huh?” Which is cute, but we understand that as an avid TopTenz reader, you’re probably very busy and need all your gaming knowledge in an easy-to-digest, and easily shared, form.

8. IamA (Ask Me Anything)


The Ask Me Anything SubReddit should be on everyone’s list. Basically, this SubReddit is where people of note or people with an interesting job will allow people, to well, ask them anything. But here’s the beautiful part. Every now and again huge celebrities get in on this; we’re talking Obama levels of huge here. This means that one is able to ask major celebrities awkward probing questions, and get get beaten up by security over it. Want to ask Obama which hand he wipes with? Do it in public and you get tazed. Do in on Reddit and he might well answer you. Just don’t expect a straight answer if you ask him about taxes or something (note: this almost never happens.)

7. Today I Learned and Learn Useless Talents


These two subreddits are for improving your mind and body respectively. TIL is positively chock full of facts, mainly of the type you’d see each day on sites like, well, this one. It’s a great place to learn conversation fodder, as long as you’re willing to to do a little research beyond the Wikipedia article that’s invariably linked for the crazier stuff. It’s nothing personal, Wikipedia; we’ve just been burned too many times in the past.

Learn Useless Talents is almost the exact opposite; instead of honing your mind into a conversation starter, you can whip your body into a party trick machine. Want to learn how to open a beer bottle with another beer bottle? Want to learn how to tie your shoe laces in 5 seconds? How to pour ketchup like a boss? If your answer to any of these things is no, then you’re obviously a terrible person and beyond our help. In which case, Reddit is probably still the best place for you to hang out.

6. Science


If you have Facebook, chances are your wall is bombarded by reposts from the ever popular I F*****G Love Science page. This is the place you want to go to actually read the stories because, even though it’s kind of a cliche by this point, science actually is awesome.

In a constantly-expanding digital world, knowledge is more present than ever, though the sheer speed at which we’re progressing is at times, staggering. You owe it to yourself to keep up with the latest science has to offer, if only to keep tabs on just how soon Jurassic Park will be a reality.



Technically, a gif could be made out of any short, soundless video clip, but the best ones are clearly the ones that showcase a particularly awesome, adorable, radical or odd set of occurrences. Well, at least Reddit thinks that way.

The Gifs subreddit is probably one of the finest places on the entire Internet to find such clips. Its massive user base ensures that only the finest gifs are left for your viewing pleasure. If you’re the kind of soulless monster who refuses to enjoy this kind of content, well, you’re still probably … oh, you know.

4. Lady Boners


Lady Boners is the perfect subreddit for all you ladies, and discerning gentlemen, out there to lay your eyes on some sweet, sweet man candy. Love you some Norman Reedus? Want to see topless male models holding cute animals? Man, are you in for a treat then.

For all you guys turning your nose up at the thought of half-naked men, or guys with eyes capable of turning your soul into a pool of warm chocolate, just realize what Lady Boners represents. It represents a subsection of women who are more than willing to admit, yes, sometimes it’s okay to appreciate an attractive person’s looks. Which means us guys can openly enjoy boobies as well, since it’s only fair and all. Truly, this is the way kings choose to live.

3. The Only Picture Subreddits Worth Knowing About


Reddit is basically a funny picture generator. Virtually every picture you’ve ever seen someone share on Facebook or Twitter likely came from Reddit. With that in mind, why wait for the awesome to come to you, when you just go straight to the damn source.

Perfect Timing is where you’ll want to go for, well, perfectly timed photos that would have been lost forever had the shutter been one quarter-second too late. Animals Being Jerks, which from the name alone should warrant a bookmark, is your one-stop shop for pictures of animals screwing over other animals. Because there’s nothing funnier than animals acting like people. Sorry humanity, you know its true. Finally, the Pugs SubReddit should, by all rights, be the only web-page on the Internet right now, because PUGS.

2. Not The Onion


For the uninformed, The Onion is a satirical newspaper known for printing ridiculous stories people often fall for, because being around since the 1970’s apparently isn’t long enough to convince people that they’re not to be taken at face value. Not The Onion is basically news stories that sound like they should be satirical, but sadly, are very real. Like, for example, the love story shown above; very real, and very stupid. This is good for those days when Space Porn just doesn’t cut it, and the only way to feel better about yourself is by mining the ever-expanding pit of human stupidity.

1. Life Hacks


Life hacks is, simply put, the model for a perfect society. It’s a collection of crowd-sourced advice, with the sole aim of making other peoples lives easier. If such a scheme was implemented on a mass scale, we can guarantee that, if we didn’t end war, we’d at the very least see an end to people getting their rage on at stubborn jars.

A wise man (who couldn’t have been that wise, since we forget his name) once said that, if everyone just took 5 minutes out their day to help out, the world would be a much nicer place. Life Hacks is one of the places that’s going to make that happen. But hey, maybe you don’t want to make the world a more awesome place. Which is fine, because — you guessed it — you’ll still fit right in at Reddit.

Karl’s mother was once insulted by a Reddit. Piece together the whole story on his Twitter profile. To find more from Karl, he’s heading up new section of TopTenz where you can find bite size nuggets of awesome information.


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  1. Who needs five seconds to tie their shoe laces? Well, both could take longer, but I doubt that saving another five seconds would improve my life.