Whatever Will They Think of Next: Fake Eggs


Forgery and counterfeiting is a major, yet oddly awesome problem our society faces. Major because it costs companies millions of dollars and awesome because it truly shows the ingenuity of mankind when someone wants a new BMW. For example, in recent years some forgeries have become so realistic, they’re almost indistinguishable from the real thing save for the fact they’re way cheaper. Since selling high quality products for a reasonable price is totally illegal, companies are keen to clamp down on this.

The thing is, you can counterfeit anything. Don’t believe us, then we’d like to introduce you to fake eggs. Yes, eggs, that are fake. Fake eggs, or feggs as we’re calling them (because how could we not type that word out?) are made from a bunch of chemicals and are in no way edible unless you’re able to sustain your body on a steady diet of disappointment and poison. However, the sheer fact that this scenario even occurred at one point in human history just goes to show that if there’s a gap in the market and money to be made, someone will step up. The only reason we don’t have jet-packs right now is because our demand for cheap iPods outweigh our demands to slap seagulls in the face. Come on, people, if we all work together we can make this happen.

The one in the middle needs to go to a doctor.

The one in the middle needs to go to a doctor.


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