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  1. P.T.Barnum
    P.T.Barnum at |

    Wanna bet?

    I only wish I could be around in 2040 (at my age, not likely) to collect.

  2. Eric Jones
    Eric Jones at |

    Sure, makes sense, but I also see pedestrians and other vehicles bullying the autonomous vehicles. Why not just dart in front of one when you need to cross the street or when you need to change lanes. They’re supposed to stop or avoid a collision. If they don’t, I smell a lawsuit.

  3. Luke Schell
    Luke Schell at |

    There is much more! Also, cars will be networked with each other so they know exactly where every other vehicle is. Imagine the traffic cartoon depiction on “The Jetsons”. Timed entry and exit at intersections and highway merges. We no longer need road signs or traffic lights. Center dividing lines are unnecessary. Speeds can be much higher, with little slowing or stopping. Mind-boggling!


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