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  • Andrea

    What about Flushing in Queens County, NY!

  • Joel

    Horseheads, NY isn’t far from where I live… 😀

  • ChereeK

    In NC, the ppl who live in Boogertown, NC will not use the town name. They consider it to be a racist comment. Typically, African-Americans live there. That name a long time ago was used as a deragatory comment about where lots of pplof color lived.

    • ACommentator

      So what do they call it? Like what people in Rowling’s Harry Potter series called Voldemort: “He-who-must-not-be-named”?

  • Dale Harris

    Flippin, Arkansas
    Mulehell, VA

  • Mary Jane

    Lynchburg, VA
    Also in the city is John Lynch bridge named after slave master that perfected how to keep people in slavery centuries later.