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  1. Tanya Bennett at |

    Oh that made me giggle out loud, I wish I had written that list!

  2. heather at |

    brilliant list, I thought it was hilarious :)

  3. galen at |

    Haha way to go pennsylvania to make it on the list three times! Good research into the names who ever made this list. I've been to intercourse pennsylvania, it's a big amish town, and they play up the intercourse name like you wouldn't believe. I bought a shirt that says I heart Intercourse….Pa.

    1. Shailee at |

      Lol..I Heart Intercourse. That’s awesome.

  4. bob blathers at |

    Um..Virginville is good, but nearby where I live in Southern Utah is a small town just simply called "Virgin" which is right next to the "Virgin River" which is ironic because both the town and the river are the two dirtiest places in the county.

  5. Shelly at |

    There is also a place called "Empty, Georgia" and "Needmore, Georgia". Not to mention some interesting cities that have spanish names… "Punta Gorda, Florida" translation: Punta is Spanish for "point" or in some spanish dialects the profane word "bit**"…"Gorda" is the feminine form of the adjective meaning "fat". Then there is "Los Banos, California" and Los Banos means "the restroom" in Spanish. So if you ever see any hispanic people snickering about something we say…you know why! They may consider Americans to be rather strange considering our choice in names for our cities! haha :-)

    1. Hector at |

      Punta means “point/tip” in all forms of spanish, the curse for “b***h” that you’re thinking of is actually spelled “puneta”

    2. Mel at |

      Ok, both of you are incorrect about the word “punta”. “Punta,” in every Spanish-speaking country is “point.”

      The word “puneta” is vulgar, but it does not mean “b**ch.” The word for b**ch is “puta”, without the “n”.

      Please, if you don’t know Spanish very well, don’t try to define or describe Spanish words without first doing your research.

      1. TheRealMel at |

        simmer down, mel

      2. TheRealMel at |

        simmer down, mel. you are getting all sorts of worked up.

  6. Brian at |

    What about Climax, MI?

  7. Obvious at |

    What about Lynchburg, Virginia?

    1. Beckie at |

      The city of Lynchburg got its name from it’s founder, John Lynch, who at 17 established a ferry across the James river which opened the way for commerce and growth of the area. It has absolutely nothing to do with lynchings!!! By the way…it’s a great city nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains…world renowned sites, exciting outdoor recreation and more…check us out at and come for a visit.

  8. Dan at |

    Pennsylvania has a few other honorable mentions:

    – Slippery Rock

    – Muddy Creek

    – Weedville

    – Mars

    – Big Beaver

    – Dubois (pronounced "Do-Boys")

  9. Char at |

    I love my state.

    Don't forget Hicksville, Pennsylvania.

    1. Andrea at |

      There is a Hicksville in New York also!

  10. j.b. at |

    Kickapoo (there are few of them)


  11. Ben at |

    Not to be dirty, but where im from in Nebraska, there is Beaver City, and Beaver Crossing

  12. Kayley at |

    Wisconson got number 2! Yea!

  13. katie at |

    Haha. i'm actually from boring, oregon! and it really isn't as boring as it sounds! :)

  14. thangthangling at |

    How about the cites Beaver Dam ky and Beaver Dam Wis

  15. ozwald at |

    What about Beaver Crossing Nebraska??? it was listed in Playboy

  16. jezzie at |

    here in australia there places called stringybark, broke, and even big long words i cant pronouce. but overall this list is good!

  17. Mark at |

    There is also a town called Two Dot in Montana.

  18. cannonski at |

    I'm reminded of the town of Dildo in Canada, which even has "Dildo Days" whatever they may be!

    "Located in Upper Trinity South, Dildo is a very historic place for Newfoundland tourism. Dildo was settled in the early 1800's by Reids, Prettys, and Smiths. During the 1990's, these names were still predominant names in the community. Every summer Dildo sponsors Dildo Days which is a community celebration and a Newfoundland tourism destination."

  19. Dani at |

    There is a Dykesville, WI!

  20. Dustin at |

    What about Moorehead, North Dakota?

    1. Bill at |

      Moorhead is in Minnesota….FYI

  21. MatthewZD at |

    I can't believe that Cumming, Georgia, didn't make the list.

    1. Matthew at |

      I know! I’m there right now! I couldn’t believe it when I moved here

  22. Brian at |

    Rabbit Hash, KY

    Big Bone Lick State Park, KY

  23. Dale at |

    How about

    Frenchlick, and Gnaw Bone, Indiana

  24. Kevin Klawitter at |

    Nimrod, Minnesota

  25. jasmine at |

    i think reading, pa should be in dat list

  26. Evan H at |

    i am proud to live in spread eagle! hahaha

  27. Maggy at |

    Blue Ball, OH

  28. FMH at |

    Next to my hometown there are three villages, one in the valley, one half way up the hill and one on the hilltop. They’re called “Unterhöll”, “Mitterhöll” and “Oberhöll”: Lower, Middle and Upper Hell. But Thomasgschieß (lit.: Thomas’ Shitting) next to them isn’t bad either.

  29. liz at |

    what about Mianus, Connecticut? On Jackass 3D, they went there.

  30. Sean at |

    How about Bucksnort, Tennessee?

  31. aplastic at |

    You left out Wanker’s Corner, OR.

  32. Trevor at |

    There’s a place called Mianus, in Connecticut…pronounced my anus. That should easily be #1

  33. Jim W at |

    And there is Horneytown, NC which is not far from Climax, NC.

    1. Barbara at |

      Hey Jim, don’t forget that High Point is between Horneytown and Climax. (as if it was a running narrative). Heading east past Raleigh, there is that little spit in the road called Lizard Lick. Yuck!

      I would also like to mention a couple towns in northern Arkansas. Flippin and Accident.

      And of course, lets not forget the town that named themselves after a TV game show, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

  34. Wil at |

    I had business in a city near Atlanta called Cumming, GA. Is it any wonder the residents say the live in Forsyth County.

  35. Sarah at |

    please.. I live in Cumming, Geargia..
    not to mention, there’s also a Boozeville up north and Butts county down south.. >_>

  36. JacquelineG at |

    and i thought slap out alabama was bad

  37. Raine at |

    Wow! Hahah,,,,my friend is from Dildo in Newfoundland!! theres towns in saskatchewan called
    Elbow, Cereal, Eyebrow, and Fiske!! haha and im proud to be from elbow

  38. JetShack at |

    Hooker Oklahoma. It’s located in Beaver County.

  39. a at |

    Gaysville, VT

  40. Person at |

    How about Hell-For-Certain, KY, Toad Suck, AR, or Sugar Tit, SC?

    then we get to the international towns…

    Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, Wales
    Peniscola, Spain
    Cumbum, Indonesia
    Sexi, Peru
    Dildo, NL Canada
    the combinations are endless!

  41. Salukimars at |

    I grew up 15 miles from Gays, IL.

  42. Jason at |

    Idiotville, OR

  43. Brendan at |

    What about “No Name”, CO?

  44. Marvin at |

    Here in North Carolina we have all sorts of interesting and unusual names.
    Conetoe (pronounced Co Nay Toe… It’s Indian I think)
    Lizard Lick (yeah, really!)
    Bahama (not weird, just cool!)
    Middlesex (Grin)
    Welcome & we got Thankful
    Climax (should be next to Middlesex! lol)
    We have the Bat Cave (its a little town in the mountains)
    We got some really out there names for little towns and the sort. Leave it to North Carolina! lol

  45. E at |

    Dix, IL

  46. Jamyskis at |

    You might not be able to say “it’s hotter than Hell”, but given how cold Michigan can get, you can always point out Hell, MI when people say that hell is likely to freeze over first.

  47. KYLE at |

    Lol my friends dad is from Arab, Alabama. (pernounced the derogitory way)

  48. Peter Boucher at |

    Come to Arizona and enjoy the towns of : Surprise, Bumblebee, Show Low, Tombstone, etc.

  49. Peter Boucher at |

    Do any residents from No. 9 own any dogs ? Does Bugs Bunny live in No. 6 ? And do 7,3,2 and 1 have any escort services ?

  50. Liv at |

    I’m pretty sure there’s a city in Vermont called “Satan’s Kingdom”… *cue scary music*

  51. Andrea at |

    What about Flushing in Queens County, NY!

  52. Joel at |

    Horseheads, NY isn’t far from where I live… 😀

  53. ChereeK at |

    In NC, the ppl who live in Boogertown, NC will not use the town name. They consider it to be a racist comment. Typically, African-Americans live there. That name a long time ago was used as a deragatory comment about where lots of pplof color lived.

  54. Dale Harris at |

    Flippin, Arkansas
    Mulehell, VA


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