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  • o.v.kriss

    Well I have always looked for information that helps me in my work; this post has really good information, thank you.

  • Matt

    Interesting place, Never heard of most of those places though…

  • Masa

    You forgot Finland

  • 5minutes

    I would include Prypiat, Ukraine at the top of the list, mostly because of the whole "guaranteed long, agonizing death from radiation poisoning" thing.,_Ukraine

  • Wow, I definitely don't want to visit any of those. Reminds me of when I worked in the oil industry!!

  • andrei

    Great read, although Room 39 is kind of out of place.

  • ciki

    i read this, and i just feel sad:(

    too much ugliness in the world as a result of mankind's folly. Let's hope God gives us grace to change things fast before it is too late!

  • anon

    5. Dharavi is actually one of the most amazing cities in the world, residents there are generally very happy, over 85% of the population has a job in the slum and there is almost zero crime.

    The government wants to re-house the entire population into cramped high-rise flats, because the land they are currently living on is worth a lot of money.

    If you can watch stuff on 4od give Kevin Mccloud: Slumming It a watch it's all about Dharavi and the people who live there.

    • Bryan

      I am glad that many people are happy in Dharavi even though the living conditions are so poor. In writing this article I came across many stories detailing the poor sanitary conditions. It seems that the people are making the best out of what they are given.

  • Pile of Pooh

    An excellent list of test targets for thermonuclear warheads.

  • this is great articles have been written documenting the worldâ??s greatest travel destinations.

  • ammochief

    Re. 6. Dzerzhinsk

    I think you meant "life expectancy" not "life expediency" as is written twice…… Darn those spell checkers and those who trust them…..

  • Jennifer

    Whoever wrote this needs to go over some grammar rules. The possessive form of country is "country's", not "countries".

  • ChicagoResident

    Ummmm… I live in Chicago and I can tell you that Bubbly Creek got cleaned up years ago. Here are a couple of links including pictures.

    You can fish there and see ducks and birds – it's so nice that they are built a whole development of million-dollar houses along the creek. I agree that it must have been way nasty when the stockyards were there, but they have been gone for more than 50 years. I was visiting friends there the other day and there was no smell at all.

    • Bryan

      I have read various articles of people reporting a nasty smell around parts of Bubbly Creek, but you are right the smell has dissipated over the years. However, a lot of the pollution does remain. The creek was an open sewer for many years and I don’t think that you would want to swim in it. It seems that people are doing the right things in the area and it is recovering. That is why I listed it as number 10 on this list. I do feel that the creek has an interesting history.

  • marta kertz

    Dallol and Yellowstone National Park in US display the same geological characteristics…why one is considered a top place to visit and the other a place to avoid?

    • Bryan

      I think it is because of Dallol's extreme temperatures, lack of roads and transportation services, and isolated location. It is also a dangerous place for tourists to go. It is recommended that you travel with an armed convoy if you want to visit Dallol's geological features. Yellowstone is a bit of a different experience. I was actually in the park earlier this month. It costs $15 US dollars for a week long pass to the entire park, which is enormous. The roads in the park are nice and you are able to travel to any number of the park's attractions. The geizers and pools are quite amazing, as I am sure Dallol's are. The temperature in Yellowstone is around 75-80 degrees fahrenheit in the summer. Your biggest worry as a tourist would be what to visit and maybe a traffic jam or two. The bison, deer, elk, eagles, birds, and fish and abundant. If you are lucky you can see a grizzly bear or grey wolf. Camping is cheap and food and shops are all over the place, with literally thousands of forest rangers. One of the best views in all of the US is from Yellowstone Canyon. Millions of people visit Yellowstone, but very few make it out to Dallol.

      • marta kertz

        Thank you Bryan for your response. I actually went to Yellowstone at the begining of last May with my husband, and we were lucky enough to have the roads opened despite the heavy snow that felt a few days before we arrived. Also, the park was almost empty. We were lucky also seeing a black bear cub!

        Another place with similar features but in small scale is the geological site close to Mammoth Lakes in the Eastern Sierra in CA.

        If peace becomes a reality in Eritrea, they can build roads an offer to the tourists an extraordinary place to visit! Meanwhile, I don't consider it is ok to put it among the 10 worst places.

  • El Cid Vacations

    I've read an article from Lonely Planet that says Linfen China is one of the mos polluted places in the world. That's just unhealthy to go there.

  • Matt

    Good column! Very informative. Thank you for good reading.

  • Roan

    What do you think about placing Ciudad Juarez in this list?
    With 3000 murders in 2010 and 2000 in 2009, that is definitely not a place where i would spend the weekend 😉

  • Some


  • Asad

    What you have portrayed about ‘Orangi Town’ is not that much true. It’s very much NOT among the top 10, or top 11 countries one should never go. I have been there a lot of time. Never heard a single gunshot or have never experienced any bombings or stuff like that.. There are a lot worse places in the world where a Man should never go..!!