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  • Gemma2302

    Philosophy and in particular political philosophy has influenced everything from economics to geopolitics. It has shaped the whole way nations define themselves and how they relate themselves to others. To dismiss this as a useless degree is not only outstandingly ignorant about the value of the discipline and the power of ideas to influence man but also extremely narrow minded.

    Art History also has its place as a very long an established degree. Art is a medium in which all societies through the ages has expressed themselves. Therefore art it is an invaluable primary source for understanding history and the evolution of humanity to the present day.

  • Peter

    Well, you can add civil engineering to that list. This degree has gotten me absolutely nowhere except for a full time convenience store job I already had. I also work in construction which is why by logical choice I chose this field of study. In my opinion, all degrees are a waste of time except maybe for medicine, law and some business degrees. When it comes to engineering, most engineers work as technicians, estimators and planners. Few are the ones who will make decisions or who will design a revolutionary new way of doing things. A simple worker makes more than if not double what an engineer makes a year. A college education is nice but nowadays college is just for prestige. Its time parents realize that university doesn’t guarantee success. Technical schools are far a better choice.

  • not required

    Uvic has a vampires course. its useless but very interesting!

  • JB

    Philosophy is pretty useless. It might have given us many things in the PAST, but it’s not needed anymore. Why would you want to waste your time taking about trivial things?

    • David T

      JB, philosophers most definitely do not think about “trivial” things. If you think the following questions are trivial, then you must live a really boring life.

      Is there a God? What is the nature of the universe? Do we have free will? What is mind? How ought we live our lives? What is the nature of morality? What is science? Does all science have to be falsifiable? What distinguishes good science from bad science? Is abortion justified? Is homosexuality wrong? Do animals deserve the same moral consideration as humans? Are all human lives equally valuable? Is death always bad? Should we fear death? What is law? What is knowledge? What is the ideal form of government? Should there even be government? What are good forms of reasoning? What are bad forms of reasoning? What is personal identity? What is time? What is beauty? What is the meaning of life? Are moral motivations always self interested? Do we always act in accordance with our desires? How is knowledge achieved?

      This is just scratching the surface.

  • Kevin

    Don’t you know what Ph.D stands for? Doctor of Philosophy. That’s right — every Ph.D. degree is, technically, a degree in Philosophy. Why? Because every subject is a speciesvof Philosophy, which is the study of truth and knowledge.

  • A Swede

    A couple of universities here in Sweden have similar useless but fun classes like the Linnaeus University class called “Harry Potter and his worlds”, but at least over here it’s free to attend university.

  • Layina

    philliosophy is a degree for drifters, who don’t know what they want to do however it should not be on this list as it is a much respected subject as are many great philosophers hat have lived

  • giselle

    I’d like to point out, that this forum and the people arguing their points and trying to convince others to agree with them- English is being used, and the thought process is in effect (philosophy= critical thinking)

  • You may laugh at surfing school or golf management but, it translates to a real job. Philosophers could be a lot more intelligent and may eventually have more upside. With the economy we are in and have been in, training and education in industries that translate to real jobs. I hold an arts degree but, I always encourage people to consider plumbing, electrical, manufacturing, agriculture, nursing, etc. We don’t have the luxury now to go to school for our passions or to become more enlightened. We need to put bread on the table!

  • Eric Otness

    Regarding the argument about whether or not philosophy is a useless degree, I have to agree with the article, as it is largely useless, not to mention extremely dangerous.

    A lot of the philosophers who existed since the Enlightenment period (maybe late Renaissance) published works that were detrimental to Christians and other religious people, not to mention pretty much everyone nearby. Don’t forget, it was the likes of Voltaire, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Montiescqueau, and Sade who were responsible for the French Revolution and Reign of Terror, which was, until the various deaths under Communism during the 20th Century, the most violent act that ever occurred (heck, it was also the first time genocide occurred within Europe since Carthage was salted. I’m talking about Vendee.). Even later scholars such as Immanuel Kant, despite his theories on peace, fully supported the violence and bloodbath of the French Revolution. Oh, and speaking of Communism, that was founded by philosophers such as Karl Marx and Frederich Engels, not to mention nihilism being founded by Frederick Nietzsche, which made things even worse. Baudrilliard and others also contributed to the violent rhetoric, some of their works even being responsible for the Matrix trilogy, which promoted Marxism and anarcho-nihilism. Heck, Sartre, aside from being a Soviet plant, also was responsible for the communist takeover of Cambodia just by his teachings, alongside other philosophers. Most of these philosophers, in other words, were psychopaths.

    Although the Greek philosophers back then did not cause a violent riot or anything like that, they nonetheless were proven to be utterly foolish, such as Aristotle and Plato, whose theories were proven to be completely utterly wrong, such as lighter objects falling down.

    And as other people mentioned earlier, mathematics and science were started long before philosophy and in different countries (China, Egypt, and the like).

    And before you claim that I’m just spouting nonsense and haven’t actually taken a course, while I never actually took a course in Philosophy (aside from Ethics), I have done extensive research on various philosophers to come up with this realization, and besides which, I personally know a student at the college I’m going to who is undergoing a philosophy major (took an Education class together, my major being American Studies). I should point out that the student in question is an extremely stupid, drunk-on-the-Kool-Aid leftist liberal (heck, if you ever met with him and talked with him, you’d deduce immediately this much). For starters, he indicated that the GOP during 2012 trying to make English the sole language was somehow a bad thing comparable to the attempts to suppress any languages and cultures in the mid 20th-century schooling system. Also, he also basically terrified his cousin/niece (not sure which one, but definitely one of the two) who was attending a Catholic school by commenting on the extent of the Spanish Inquisition and how horrific it was. When I tried to point out that the French Revolution was far worse in terms of body count and horrors, he pretty much stated that it wouldn’t matter what they do to him after they kill him. He also implied that Communism was a Christian ideal, despite the Manifesto making it very clear that they intended to usher in atheism and exterminate all religion, Christianity especially. He also indicated that Noam Chomsky was somehow a good teacher when he was an utter rube in actuality. Oh, and he also alluded to some book by Zinn about China that indicated that Christopher Columbus deliberately tried to sabotage his voyage to India and commit genocide. Honestly, and you tell me that Philosophy is a good major to go for? Or that it actually makes you smart and grants you critical thinking? Think again!