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  • THATguy

    The more you know!

  • Jared

    Im pretty sure that most of these were not meant to be historically accurate. Some are symbolic, others are historical fiction. Try not to be so dense

    • Jessy

      O_o really…

      • redstick

        Ah. Well, that ruins my evening.

  • Mercedes

    @Jared, PLEASE tell me you’re being funny…PLEASE tell me you were able to discern the sarcasm in this article…PLEASE…

  • Presidentman44

    Hey, you have the wrong poster for National Treasure. You have the sequel rather than the first one.

  • Seth

    The Assassin’s aren’t time travelers. Where did you even get that from?

    • Shoboni

      They probably just took a glance at it the animus and failed to realize time travel wasn’t involved.

    • redstick

      Ummm…It’s not a documentary, you realize.

  • E


  • Amanda Thorpe

    This made me chuckle! As long as you know the background of these events and/or people, the cinema is there to be enjoyed, not taken too seriously. Well, at least I hope it isn’t taken seriously. If so, we have a whole new problem! Regardless, National Treasure and Braveheart remain on my all-time faves list!!

  • Rebekah Thomas

    Oh the things we thought we knew

  • steve

    I think National Treasure was inspired by the book of Mormon, i read it once and seem to recall something about looking through different colored lenses.