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  1. Alexa V
    Alexa V at |

    I guess I didn’t realize how many people were actually accused of being witches in both Europe and the United States with the Salem Witch Trials. You’re only taught in grammar school and high school that the Salem Witch Trials are the only relevant instance of this.

  2. Thomas Robinson
    Thomas Robinson at |

    I had no idea that the daughter of Agamemnon was connected to the goddess Hecate. No matter how many Greek myths you read, there are always more to read.

  3. Dan Hennessey
    Dan Hennessey at |

    It is shocking to me that before I took this class that Joan of Arc was burned for being a witch. I’ve heard of her before but just as a saint and war hero. I feel a little cheated from my history classes that left that out. I also found the Christine O’Donnell on this list as quite humorous.

  4. John Liber
    John Liber at |

    I’ve mentioned in a previous comment that I love these sort of “top 10’s”

    I also can’t believe Joan of Arc (no. 5) was considered a which

  5. Connor Lynch
    Connor Lynch at |

    It is hard to accurately determine if these people were, in fact, “witches”. Most likely, common folk of the time merely adapted the idea of the witch in order to explain that which they did not yet understand. At the time, it was a lot easier to write someone off as evil or unholy than it was to take up an empirical, objective investigation. We know today that some of the behavior of these witches can be explained by science; during these ages of ignorance, “magic” and “witches” were just things which science did not yet understand.

  6. William Drake
    William Drake at |

    I never knew that Joan of Arc was put to death for being a witch. Too bad her apparent contact with divinity led to her death.

    1. Wadi
      Wadi at |

      I also did not know this! Very interesting!

  7. Sammi DiGeronimo
    Sammi DiGeronimo at |

    The topic of witches has always interested me. Obviously I’ve heard of Joan of Arc being accused of being a witch and the Salem Witch Trials but I had no idea that modern people were actually being accused as well like Christine Therese O’Donnell.

  8. Lauren Mangan
    Lauren Mangan at |

    It is so odd to me that anyone would accuse someone else of being a witch especially in more modern times. I am fascinated with the Salem Witch Trials however.

  9. Nick Sword
    Nick Sword at |

    I think it is tremendously sad that most of these women simply became scapegoats for people who were experiencing some kind of fear from the world around them. Fear can do scary things, but the tortures they had to experience when they were often innocent of any crime, are hard to imagine.

  10. Sydney Kotoch
    Sydney Kotoch at |

    I have always been fascinated with the Salem Witch Trials, sad they aren’t #1

  11. Anthony Christopher
    Anthony Christopher at |

    Never really knew Joan of Arc was thought to be one

  12. Alex Guthrie
    Alex Guthrie at |

    The Witch Trials in Salem were always interesting to learn about, as well as the different perspectives that were given about them.

  13. JV
    JV at |

    Definitely most interesting is the Salem Witch Trials.

  14. Josh Dasch
    Josh Dasch at |

    I’ve always thought the most interesting and thought provoking witch trial was that of Joan of Arc.

  15. Dennis Smith
    Dennis Smith at |

    You left out Hillary Clinton.

  16. Matthew Oswald
    Matthew Oswald at |

    Very Interesting article. I mainly enjoyed th excerpt on Joan of Arc. I never knew that she was essentially summoned to the trials herself.

  17. ChezzaAU
    ChezzaAU at |

    Speaking of sexist attitudes 🙂 I believe the real reason Joan of Arc was executed was not they believed her to be a witch, but more so because the powers that were in the 14th century were not ready for womens’ liberations. Here was a woman wearing mens’ clothes and fighting in a war. Not only that, she led the French army to victory. Oh God forbid (pardon the pun), we couldn’t have that could we? They couldn’t have a woman doing a man’s job 🙂 and not only that being highly successful at it:) At a time when the church and the political leaders were infamously corrupt (hasn’t changed much either in some instances), it was very convenient to trump up charges so as to ‘get rid of people’ and witchcraft and heresy was the flavor of the month.

  18. ChezzaAU
    ChezzaAU at |

    Let’s not be sexist here, surely there was the occasional warlock burned too?

  19. Lukas Jachno
    Lukas Jachno at |

    I found most interesting part about Joan of Arc.
    I knew about her as a saint and a warrior but what I had no
    Idea that she was also connected and at the end killed because
    of suspicion that she is a witch.


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