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  1. David Verney
    David Verney at |

    I think the cat with two faces should have been your number one…freaky!!!

  2. Louis Alexandre Simard
    Louis Alexandre Simard at |

    First of all congrats on a cool article. I loved dolphins and had heard that the might have a murderous streak in them so I followed the link you provided. To be fair the author of the article closes the text by saying that we might never know the reason why those purpose and juveniles were killed. But if its true and they to kill just for fun I would like to know if its a generalize behavior cuz if so that would surpass even us humans. We kill a lot, for war, religion, territories, revenge, money, drugs but nobody really likes killing except psychopaths and we can’t judge the whole human race from a couple hundred thousands psychopaths who contrary to regular people do wake up in the morning with the envy and intention of killing if they are not treated. So I a way would it may that all dolphins are psychopats or just that one school that killed the purpoise

    1. bernwa
      bernwa at |

      i maybe goin a bit mad, but i really like the idea of dolphins being psychopaths!

      In essence, i firmly believe dolphins are actually gay sharks, and tbh that somehow makes them that little bit more scary imo. everybody loves a gay psychopath 😀

    2. MEohMY
      MEohMY at |

      The subject matter for the articlea was interesting in and of itself, but I was very disappointed in the writer. I don’t like supposition stated as fact. Science doesn’t *know* that dolphins kill for fun, only that they can and ocasionally do. Chimerism is about killing two individuals and sticking them together. That idea is disgusting and I find it insulting that the author was so ignorant that they didn’t bother explaining it in an intelligent manner. And a zebra is a zebra reguardless of color. In my opinion the author was trying to be edgy and came off sounding mean.and stupid.

  3. auto devis
    auto devis at |

    The cat is actually freaky

  4. Simon
    Simon at |

    Rainbow pigeons are cool! Btw, squirrels can also be black. I’m from Ireland, and was on exchange in vancouver last year. When I arrived, my mind was blown by the fact their squirrels were black. And everyone else from Europe said the same. We’d never heard of them in our lives, which to Canadians must have been like us never having heard of white cats

  5. Jamie
    Jamie at |

    Being a cat-lover (which I wholeheartedly admit), I think Venus is precious! I got two kitties that look like each half of her separately. Like LOLCats, say, I can has 2 colors!

  6. EC
    EC at |

    I’m originally from SE Nebraska, US. The common squirrels there are fluffy well-fed and brown, sometimes mahogany. But we also have, particularly in my neighborhood, all black squirrels. They’re skittish but curious. Not until I moved to the south had I ever seen the scrawny gray variety.

  7. Suzy
    Suzy at |

    It’s prophecy… Native Americans… Began 1994 I believe with white buffalo calf… Many such occurrences frequently, great time to be alive ??


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