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  1. ParusMajor
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    I was trying to say that I once owned a Cobra Lily, but my post didn’t come through. Well, who cares anyways.

  2. JohnW
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    How about the Gympie Gympie Tree of Australia where EVERYTHING is trying to kill us; It has tiny silica-based ‘hairs’ on its leaves that contain a toxin that burns the skin and causes excruciating brain-splitting pain.
    records show that a soldier on exercises in the Queensland jungles felt the call of nature, succumbed to it and ended his ablutions by wiping his backside with a couple of broad, soft, Gympie leaves. These bastards are so devious that the pain doesn’t hit immediately – it waits like Jason Vorhees in his lake and gets you when you’re not watching.
    5 minutes later the soldier was writhing on the ground screaming in agony as he felt the heat of a Trinidad Moruga Scorpion burning his srae away along with a pain level that could split house-sized granite boulders at 100 yards. His response was to pull his service pistol and blow his head off to escape the twin-pronged attack, because, you know, pain.

  3. nicoal
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    “Pong Pong” gets a high five, but the name “Ongaonga” gets no love?


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