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  • Karina

    Just a note…fugu is available in Japanese restaurants that have trained chefs to make sure you don’t eat the poisonous parts. Fugu poisoning is rare in Japan, mind you, as nearly all restaurants take precaution.

  • Stay-at-home Anarchist
  • Luke

    About raw milk: I think it should important to say that drinking it without boiling it is potentially harmfull and could potentially be deadly, especially in children, due the high level of bacteria.
    The reason why pastorisation is compulsory in most countries is due the fact that raw milk has always been a cause of children mortality!
    PS: in Italy raw milk consumption initiated in the late ’90s but dropped radically after in summer 2008 10 children died of acute infections consuming unboiled raw milk

  • ren

    Can i import goose from china?

  • Peter Boucher

    Correct me if I am wrong, but on one of your other lists that focused on Vitamin Deficiencies say that Horse Meat contained a great deal of Vitamin C ?

  • xmysterygirlx

    Shark finning is brutal, but the main problem is in China and Japan , the next step is to ban it there

  • Dhanika

    I didn’t know there were so many repulsive foods being consumed by people across the world! You should check this one dish: Casu Marzu! It is a form of cheese which is eaten with larvae crawling through it! YUCK! I mean, really what could be more disgusting!