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  1. Mike D.
    Mike D. at |

    2, 3 and 4 look a bit manish dont you think?

    1. Jack F
      Jack F at |

      Mike, 2,3 &4 look kind of manish? Sorry Laddie, you should be getting glasses I don’t think they look any worse than 1,5,6,7,8,9,ot 10

      1. tassie devil
        tassie devil at |

        You should get glasses. Sorry LADDIE, but I think they look manish and most of the others look fake, not beautiful.

        1. Julie Kadair
          Julie Kadair at |

          Katrina Witt is feminine, there is NOTHING mannish about her. I think some men are threatened by a woman stronger than they are. As for FAKE, we are talking about Playboy, right? When was the last “not fake” person in Playboy? Or are you one of those who think the Centerfold’s are real? If you are over the age of 20, that’s just sad.

        2. Scot
          Scot at |

          “I think some men are threatened by a woman stronger than they are.”

          Men don’t find masculine looking women attractive.

        3. ethan
          ethan at |

          this man doesn’t appreciate your stereotyping of men, Scot. gender expressions and sexual preferences are diverse. no one died and made you Official Spokesperson of All Men Everywhere, so please speak for yourself from your own experience.

        4. Bob
          Bob at |

          I find women who work out attractive.

          I don’t find women who are masculine attractive.

          Perhaps gay guys do?

    2. norm
      norm at |

      Maybe, maybe not. All I know is, I wouldn’t kick any of them out of bed for eating crackers.

  2. Timeea
    Timeea at |

    Manish? I would rather say they have a hot Amazonian look. It is really hard to be an elite athlete and feminine at the same time.

    1. ted
      ted at |

      I have no problems with women with muscles since I train with a lot of fit females but these girls look manly IN THE FACE, not the body. If anything, Playboy has airbrushed any hard edges when they photoshopped their pix to death.

      Its the face man.

      They look like dudes or arent very good looking even with tons of makeup.
      Reece looks like a drag queen.
      Beard is actually better looking than the cover where she looks… manly.

      I blame a lot of this on the women haters at Playboy (have you ever seen a celeb pictorial which even looks like the person?) as well as their own genetics.

      Once you start going into that whole andro look it makes it so much harder to “enjoy” the pictures.

    2. Julie Kadair
      Julie Kadair at |

      Gymnasts aren’t manly, I think they are extremely feminine, though it varies from person to person like anything else. Find one manly thing (except how tough she is) about Nadia Comanchi or Nastia Luikin!

  3. r4i
    r4i at |

    very beautiful

  4. mike
    mike at |

    Who ?

  5. Rich
    Rich at |

    “By the way, did you know that ancient Olympians competed nude?”
    Yes I did. Unfortunately they were also all male.

    Nice list though! 🙂

  6. Jason
    Jason at |

    Katarina Witt is my favorite, she is very beautiful woman!

  7. Tomaes
    Tomaes at |

    Yargelis Savigne – the ultimate hardbod

  8. Ed
    Ed at |

    Katarina Witt should be up with Amanda Beard and Gabrielle in the top 3 positions! Just because it was a while ago??? Are you age discriminating?

  9. Judge #3
    Judge #3 at |

    All look pretty good to me, but I like Butyrskaya’s position better than Katrina’s… not in the numerical sense either!

  10. jfauser
    jfauser at |

    Beautiful athletes? Isn’t that a contradiction?

  11. Jerome
    Jerome at |

    #2 is definitely a bloke

  12. Jerome
    Jerome at |

    In fact the word “beautiful” in the heading doesn’t really apply to any of them.

  13. Daisy Moore
    Daisy Moore at |

    With the exception of Mia St John, the rest are better off being athletes and not models. Meanwhile, Playboy is almost hardly remembered and I wonder what is going to happen when the man retires completely.

  14. Anonymous
    Anonymous at |

    There were some “Hard Body” issues before Katarina Witt that had female athletes who posed in Playboy, for example Amy Fahdli. I believe she was also in one of the issues of Playboy.

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    Jolee Woods at |

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  16. Mr Universe
    Mr Universe at |

    Still waiting for the Hope Solo pics

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    waqar at |

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