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  • Such an important thing to note when traveling…I travel a lot with my dogs and it's always nice to know that the lot of you will be most welcome!

    Kimberly 🙂

    • vicky

      ahhhhh the dogs so so so so so so so so cute

    • j baghdadi

      I copied these as places to visit with my 2 family members journey and Javanni, my 3 year old maltese……………………..ALSO it might be a good idea to publish the worst dog cities…………..Bend Oregon has to be no. 1 worst dog city. It’s almost impossible to find a place to live and the landlords gouge you with deposits and extra Rent. So people give up their pets to the kill shelter . The Humane Society of Bend charges hundreds of dollars to get your pet back if its lost.. Very unfriendly dog town.

  • Savannah, Georgia's Historic District is also dog friendly. Many vacation rentals in the downtown Historic District allow dogs (up to 20 pounds). There is also a nice dog park, called the Mother Matilda Beasley Park, located on East Broad Street in downtown Savannah.

  • Micky Lee

    Why is Boston not one of the top ten? You can take dogs on buses, subways, and boats. You can't do this in NYC.


  • theinnocentone

    Thanks for the helps me a lot in terms of traveling with my dog…

  • Mafy

    I think it would be more interesting it the list was about the 10 most dog friendly cities in the world, and capture unique details in each city that makes it perfect to have a dog.

  • MatthewZD

    Richmond, Virginia, is pretty dog friendly, and in fact made a similar list from one of the dog-centric magazines a few years ago. Large proportion of veterinary services, several dog parks, a number of animal rescue groups, and a dog friendly mall, Stony Point Fashion Park.

  • Ashley

    Asheville, NC is very dog friendly as almost all of the restaurants are side-walk "cafes" and allow pets. Numerous stores allow pets as well, and a lot of dogs congregate with their owners in the center city park. You cannot walk down an Asheville street and not pass a dog. It is a great environment being 10 minutes away from awesome hiking with your dog!

  • DenverGuy

    Denver and Boulder are great dog cities. Denver has many dog parks and two in particular that are huge — 350 and 150 acres. One is in Cherry Creek State Park and has a gorgeous creek flowing through it where dogs can swim and play in the water. The other has gorgeous views of the Rockies and the Flatirons. Boulder, on the other hand, has a great many parks and hundreds of miles of trails, most of which nestled in the foothills, where well-behaved dogs with a Boulder dog tag ($18 for non-residents) can be off leash. Additionally, the area around Denver and Boulder (and of course Colorado Springs) has several fourteeners (mountains that are 14,000 feet or above) that athletic dogs can hike. Come here any Sunday in the summer months and you’ll see dozens of dogs of all breeds and sizes hiking with their owners all the way up to the summit. BTW, the city of Boulder has passed an ordinance whereby dog owners must be referred to as “dog parents” in official literature and communications.

  • Jovs

    Minneapolis from a dog park perspective is as good as anywhere. There are a number of dog parks, most of them in pretty good locations. The south Minnehaha Dog Park is probably the best dog park in a large metropolitan area in the country. Where else do you have a beach to swim on, trails through wooded areas to walk off leash for up to a mile one way, and squirrels to be chased.

  • Joel

    They should have included St. Mary’s, Georgia! There is a water park there that opens its last day of the season exclusively to Dogs. (Imagine a bunch of dogs in a water park). There’s also some sort of Dog training summer camp, and many shops sell homemade treats and what not just for pups. The city is also putting in a lot of money into some sort of large dog park. The Bed and Breakfast we stayed at even allowed your canine to check in.

  • Casey

    I can’t believe Old Town Alexandria didn’t make the list!! I’m from San Francisco, (very dog friendly) and was pleasantly surprised Old Town is even MORE so. The community pools here even do a dog swim day…it’s a great place to live with a labrador.

    • Thanks for the information. Sounds like Old Town Alexandria is a great place for you and your canine friend.

  • Antoinette

    If you have never been to Park (Bark) City, UT, they you have no idea as to how friendly this dog town is! Every person just about has a dog! Nestled in the mountains of Utah at 7000 feet, there are plenty off leash trails and parks to enjoy hiking, biking, skiing with your dog! Just saying… 🙂

  • Considering I can take my dog into any mall and any store in that mall, I consider Orange County way more dog friendly than San Diego. Also, off leash parks? I know San Diego has a ton and so does Orange County. Southern California should have been it’s own number.

  • Anonymous

    I have mixed feelings about this list. As a New Yorker, which is # 4 on the list, I appreciate that Central Park has off-leash hours until 9AM and after 9PM, but that’s about all. Dogs are still not allowed on buses or subways or in restaurants or stores, or in the Post Office, no matter how well behaved.