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  • I’ll start the bidding with, “How can you leave off Mount Rushmore?”

    • Billy

      Moouuunntttt rruuusshhhmooorrreeee!

      • Little_Sam

        I agree Mount Rushmore should be on this list somewhere. I also think the Iwo Jima Sculpture at Arlington National Cemetery should be on this list somewhere. Maybe the Iwo Jima Sculpture is not “great” from an artistic sense. It is “great” from an emotional sense, however. I am glad the Statue of Liberty was placed at number 1. That is where it should be.

        • Peter Boucher

          Although it was naturally formed, and me having lived in New Hampshire for 35 years (I live in Arizona, now) The Old Man Of The Mountain was quite a tourist destination for that state until finally crumbling to the ground due to geological reasons. N.H. misses it.

  • auto devis

    When is crazy horse going to be finished

  • Matt
  • I’ll also add another scultpure (monument) most people have not heard of, National Monument to the Forefathers –

  • Jim Ribs

    I remember when Millenium Park was completed in 1004, I was only 88 then.

  • Fred

    Was the Cleveland Free Stamp #11?

  • Peter Boucher

    Hmmmmmmmmmm, Let’s see. 1). Lincoln Memorial, 2) Washington Monument, 3) Jefferson Memorial, (all in Washington D.C.) 4). Bunker Hill Monument, Boston, MA…………..shall I continue ??

  • Levothread

    To continue Mr. Boucher’s list 5) the L0VE sculpure 6 )Headless horseman in Sleepy Hollow NY

    7) In my opinion the Korean war memorial’s wall, especially at dusk, is the better of the two walls in the National Mall

    • Peter Boucher

      @ Levothread, Thank You for the addendum. It’s always good to learn to new things.

      • Levothread


  • Raven

    If you want to go for sheer impact in context, nothing beats the massive statue erected atop Mamayev Kurgan in Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad). This hill was the site of intense fighting during what’s probably the most brutal battle in history, and the turning point of WWII (debatably, Kursk was when the Germans lost all hope of winning).

    • Raven

      Aaand I missed the title, disregard.

      • No problem, I would never chastise a reader for expanding a list, regardless if it was slightly off topic. Thanks for the submission!

  • redstick

    The Stone Mountain monumental carving in Georgia is worth a mention.

    I have visited the Vietnam memorial several times; the emotional impact each time has been overpowering. I can’t really explain it, but if The Wall doesn’t get to you, then you are un-get-at-able,

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  • Stephanie

    I would argue that the Iwo Jima monument IS a great artistic achievement as well as being a symbol. As you move around the monument, the flag appears to raise…it’s quite a beautiful structure. For those who haven’t been there, I tried to find a video. I found this one, it’s a bit shakey, but at about 1:15, you can see the effect…very awesome.