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  1. Billster at |

    <— member of #3 :)
    jsp means javascript parser

    1. Dana at |

      D2JSP is a forum that was started, not to discuss Diablo 2, but the distribute a an automated bot for Diablo 2. Diablo 2 Javascript Parser was the name of the bot. But now, the owner of the site denies existence of bots and will ban for the discussion of.

  2. Carlos MV at |

    great list

  3. Kayleigh at |

    I thought IMDB would have been on this list to be honest

    1. TopTenz Master at |

      Nice suggestion. do you know how big the IMDB community is?

  4. Resveratrol at |

    60,600 users at any given time on 4chan… I’ve only been to a few boards, but it’s known that some of them refresh at such a quick rate is almost impossible to keep up.

  5. Visitor at |

    Site Checking

  6. jarowdowsky at |

    Hmm, interesting list but you seem to have been a bit random with what you’ve included?

    Seems like the stats are from the big boards ranking –

    But you’ve removed Jogos from Brazil and if your excluding Vault Networks as an IGN board then shouldn’t Doctissimo but up there as well?

  7. Claypot at |

    Wow, 4chan wasn’t number 1? wow, i guess video games > porn 😛 ahahaahahaha

  8. wtf at |

    how isnt reddit on here

  9. Murphy at |

    Seriously guys. You’ve missed IMBD, Facebook, Myspace, Reddit, Digg, YouTube, OKCupid, to name but a few.

    Number 10 has 200 users at a time? That’s nothing in in internet community terms.

    1. bebop at |

      They’re not necessarily communities. As in, you have to add someone to be their friends.

  10. Dragonity at |

    The most larger community

    1. localholic at |

      i agree with you

    2. hendry at |

      hahahha.. im the kaskus-holic too… :)

  11. Deathgleaner at |


    how come i’ve never heard of any of these except for 2?

    1. yagi antenna at |

      Same here. I’m wondering how accurate this list is. I’ve only head of one before. makes me think…

  12. Matthew at |

    Dear Toptenz: Please make a list on top 10 4chan pranks 😛

  13. Discuss Anime Online at |

    I’ve never heard of any of these and yet they are all so darn popular! D= … I am a self confessed internet failure </3

  14. JP at |

    What’s with all the “NERD!” stereotype jokes? Are YOU in high school? 😛

  15. Frankieba5 at |

    Wheres facebook?

    1. ron92 at |

      facebook is not a forum my friend :)

  16. Arthur Dent at |

    “Top 10 Biggest Internet Communities … Looking to find people who love Japanese schoolgirls as much as you do?”

    What exactly are you trying to encourage here?

    Nice, way to keep it classy and ethical.

    tool (n.) – A device or implement, … used to carry out a particular function

    – one that is used or manipulated by another

  17. seriously at |

    the best community ever is steam and minecraft communties

    1. DavidSights at |

      I’ve just downloaded Minecraft PE and it’s becoming clear to me that there is an invisible yet robust community backing for it. I had no idea it existed until I had to search for random things for the game. Trying to troubleshoot a problem, such as animals constantly spawning in the ocean, lead to reading lots of forums dedicated to the game itself.

  18. DavidSights at |

    I’m curious about if all of these communities are bigger than those such as Twitter and Facebook. Perhaps this is focused of forums only, but I think online communities which allow people to meet, socialize, and share in any form can be considered in the same realm as the sites listed here. Am I the only one who feels that this article is a little outdated? (After scrolling up to see that the earliest comment was posted in 2010, yes it’s obvious that this article is dated.)

  19. Hemendra Kumar Saini at |

    Dude you forgot about daniweb, it has more than 1 million registered users and is one of the popular forum about programming, codes and internet.

  20. David Roch John at |

    The biggest is actually onTRAC@HTMLfun. It has more than 79789,000,875,113,910,654 posts and more than 288,987,198,011 users.

  21. Gabriel at |

    forum(.)jogos(.)uol(.)com(.)br Has 172.620.686 posts(open the page and you will see).Where is it on the list?

  22. unknow at |

    where is kaskus ? (from indonesia), kaskus should be in number 3 ,they have bigger member and thread more than d2jsp
    source: wikipedia

  23. DesuMaiden at |

    This article is outdated.

  24. Brian Curtis at |

    As far as phpbb – you have Gaia – http://www.gaiaonline.com which is the largest (over 1 billion posts) but hardly phpbb anymore since they have rewritten much of the code. The next largest english speaking (and larger than the next non-english phpbb board) is JLA FORUMS – http://www.jlaforums.com with over 306,000,000 posts. Next I think is Bokt.nl forum – http://www.bokt.nl but not sure how many posts they have.

  25. iwillmakeyousqueal at |

    the guy who wrote this article is a moron
    ”in 1995 most people didn’t know what the internet is because there was no pornography”
    what a moron.A lot of people knew what the internet was at that time including me

    1. Shell Harris at |

      Sometimes our humor misses the mark. We were kidding about pornography being the reason for the Internet and we believe most people were not familiar with Internet in 1995. If for no other reason access was so difficult and slow for many potential users – modems were only 28.8k at that time. We could be wrong, but we feel our opinion is valid and certainly debatable.

  26. Dr João Mouzinho at |

    The best of all Ty

  27. Oskar Ponthe at |

    Some I never heard of. And also really surprised Imdb not being there. Oskar Ponthe


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