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  1. Brother John
    Brother John at |

    Well, it’s time I booted this page from my bookmarks list, as I have with several other such sites. The idiocy in the first item alone is just too much to take.

    “Romney has been making an utter as$ of himself every hour on the hour seemingly, and he’s still neck-and-neck with Obama in polls.”

    What are you talking about?

    First of all, they’re not celebrities. And treating them as such is destroying the country, because you fail to take seriously how power-hungry these people are, and the trouble they can cause. Secondly, the surprise isn’t that Romney is keeping up with Obama, the surprise is that Obama has cut a swath of destruction across the country, made 15% unemployment out of 6%, made the entire country a laughingstock in front of the entire world, destroyed the value of our currency, and his party actually renominated him.

    In a sane country, this useless person would have been howled out of office long ago. Or, more accurately, would have been laughed off the stage before being elected.

    I know Romney sucks, and he’s a lousy candidate, but he had absolutely nothing whatever to do with the disaster unnecessarily inflicted on the country in the last several years. What could possibly recommend Obama’s re-election? How mindless are the times we live in when the man single-handedly responsible for taking the nation from very bad to almost unrecoverably worse actually stands a shot at re-election? Complete insanity. Total and complete insanity.

    If you think I take this too seriously, then stay home on election day.

    1. Paul. A
      Paul. A at |

      Bye Bye Brother John.

  2. Clive
    Clive at |

    I really liked this. It’s pointless but it’s good.

  3. Dave
    Dave at |

    I can`t abide Piers Morgan. How he is where he is now, is beyond me. What, with his own show, and as a judge on Britain`s Got Talent. People in America may like him, but they probably don`t know, that when editor of the Daily Mirror, he published fake photos of British Soldiers weeing on Iraqi`s. Which led to him being sacked. And now he`s a big star. Words fail me..

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      Don’t worry, as an American, I find him repulsive as well.

      1. Peter Boucher
        Peter Boucher at |

        So my question is this. Dave doesn’t like Piers Morgan and Top Tenz Master finds him repulsive as well. Assuming that both of you guys are American (which TopTenz Master is). Then how did Piers Morgan and Simon Cowell get along seeing that they are both British.

  4. 5minutes
    5minutes at |

    Here’s an alternative to the Romney v. Obama match:

    Obama comes out and is reminded of his 4 years of utter and complete failure, at which point he hangs his head in shame, giving Romney the chance to dump a truckload of the Book of Mormon on his head. Romney climbs to the top of the pile, sticks an American flag in the top, and promptly fixes the economy. Obama becomes a footnote in the annals of American history.

    I like that version better.

    1. Martin Fierro
      Martin Fierro at |

      who ever made this list has never heard of fast and the furious, or knows that an ambassador was brutally killed in Libya. not to mention Solyndra, pigford, or Jeremiah Right.

    2. Alex
      Alex at |

      So far Romney has just been making a fool of himself over and over and over looks like if he becomes the next president honestly he will be the next George Bush just Worst does are facts you cant wave a magical wand and fix the economy it takes time especially when everyone is against you i think you would be a fool to belive Romney’s lies if you saw the second debate you know what am talking about if you want a lying george bush the second as president well thats your choice the guy tottaly looks like he wants to go to war with iran as soon as he becomes president i personaly like the story how it is written its honest its fact but everyone has their own opinions. ( Sorry for the grammar am using my nephews psp we both love this website keep it up 🙂 ).

      1. 5minutes
        5minutes at |

        Truly an example of the wonders of public education, you are.

  5. Steve Hill
    Steve Hill at |

    It’s nice we don’t have a President who makes an a$$ of himself. For example, he never said the four most important words in America are “Made in America.” He also never said that he was going to campaign in all 57 states. He never told small business owners they didn’t build their businesses. He never complained his comments that were in context were taken out of context. When his buddy, Dr. Henry Gates was arrested by the Cambridge police. he never said he didn’t know enough about what happened, but the police acted “stupidly.” He never would meet with the Dalai Lama and make him leave the White House out of the back door by the trash. He would never write best sellers that contained incidents that never happened while presenting them as true. He would never support a stimulus program that would provide money for “shovel ready jobs” and later be caught admitting there was no such thing as “shovel ready jobs.”

    And these example of what our President did to make himself look like an a$$ over the last four years could continue, but there isn’t enough room to continue the examples.

    Stop listening to Chris Matthew and Lawrence O’Donnell.

  6. jason stone
    jason stone at |

    i actually have a sense of humor so this list doesn’t repulse me or offend me as it is clearly tongue-in-cheek….some other deathmatches would be: God V Devil; Roger Goodell V Saints fans; Alex Rodriguez V Yanks fans; Lance Armstrong V USADA; and MY main event with no time limit….Top Tenz American readers V Top Tenz World All Stars…winner gets to have every item on every list dedicated to their likes, all the time…talk about raising the stakes! and for anyone looking to crush me..this is indeed tongue-in-cheek

  7. Jakey
    Jakey at |

    The silhouette of man was Bill Parcells… funny.

  8. backbaconnbeer
    backbaconnbeer at |

    Rosie O’Donnell vs. Donald Trump


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