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6 Responses

  1. ParusMajor at |

    #4 would have been illegal in my country, i.e. even if she had received enough donations to pay her debt, she would have been in even more debt because of taxes and fines because of illegal whip-round.

  2. brian at |

    Sperm donor is a highly over rated position. If you can even qualify

  3. Saxon at |

    This is not how Gold Sellers operate in World of Warcraft. The people selling Gold do not make the money in game and then sell it to others as you claim. They hack peoples accounts, steal their GOLD and even turn thier character into gold-farming BOTS.

    In other words People Selling GOLD on WOW STEAL it. It’s not a money-making Scheme anymore then robbing a Bank is.

  4. david at |

    these are rubbish ideas!!! utter poop

  5. Emerson Moseley at |

    I really got a kick out of some of these ideas and believe it or not, most of them will work!

  6. nelson at |

    well most of them will work but far from well known ones.


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