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  • boltybot

    yellowstone is the worlds most dangerous volcano because in the first eruption of january 23 2010
    the old faithful geyser started to smoke and then it exploded!!! lava went out of yellowstone then… A HUGE ASH CLOUD WENT AND DESTROYED LOTS OF BUILDING AND KILLED LOTS OF PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it covered the whole city and yellowstone park but its lucky we rebuild yellowstone park and the city

  • LG

    they forgot Toba.. it was a long time ago but holy crap it had more ash than yellowstone

  • R.K

    I think that Mt. yellowstone should be in this list

  • leddoesit

    I really really want to travel with my gf to Kelut!
    the sence there is so awesome, we r saving money now! lol

  • jp

    The deadliest active volcano is not Yellowstone! The deadliest active volcano is Lake Toba! What cumbre vieja! It will cause 130 foot waves if it erupts! The most powerful volcano that ever erupted was the siberian traps and the Lagarita Caldera. The volcano from Yemen and Santa Maria was also very powerful. But god help us if Lake Toba blows again! It is more powerful then yellowstone!!!