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    also you can add the paricutin in michoacan mexico

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      that is tight

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    i love learning the interesting facts in volcanoes its very interesting i love everything about them and i always will unless I'm actually in one. well thanks add more please

    <3 <3

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      me 2

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    good list! are these modern eruptions because the theran eruption [before AD lol] completely blew the island away andreached places as far as USA and Ireland. The tsunamis hit Crete and is thought to be the rease that Knosos Palace was abandoned! All the ppl on Akotiri [the city or town on thera at the time] was abandoned abrubtly. lol haha sorry, just thought id say

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    i used all this information for my homework assingment, and got an amazing grade, thanks to all of this! thank you, who ever posted it. I am very gratefull!!!

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      i am too thankful

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        Happy to help! But be careful to give good refs if you copy exactly else you might get marked down for plagiarism

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    You forgot Mount Pinatubo. Though it did not kill that much, it very much affected the climate of the whole world. And Mount Pinatubo was the most intense eruption of the 20th century, second only to the grat Tambora Eruption.

    But it is still a great list, though 🙂

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      i agree

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        ummm….. my teacher said that there was Mt. Saint Helens… not calling u wrong bro

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    The 10 Deadliest Volcanoes In History


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    because of this i got 100% on my homework yayyyyyyyyyyy and all ten of them i needed thankyou who ever is incharge of this company you helped me out.

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      Junie – Glad we could help.

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      lol that is so funny junie…im using this for my hw 2… hopefully i get an 100% 😀 wish me luck

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    I have to do a paper on a catastrophic event now i found one because of you. THANKS!!!

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    ..hey.. you don't add the mt. Pinatubo eruption last june 1991… it was really terrifying….

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    Nothing is above nature.

    So learn to respect it.

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    you should have included mount pinatubo eruption in the Philippines…it was reported that you can see the ashes from outerspace. The volume of ash covered the entire region where it occured making the place so dark. BTW, it occured at 12 am!

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    Though hard data is not available, the eruption of the Atlantis supervolcano off Portugal in the 17th century BC. probably belongs on the list. The death toll must have been in the scores of thousands as the entire island was obliterated and massive tsunamis hit the Atlantic litoral (See Roots of Cataclysm, Algora Publ.NY 2009).

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    Good article, but I believe there is a typo in the Laki section.
    It says “3.4 cubic meters” which should be 3.4 cubic miles (or 14 cubic kilometres).

    Further examples of the effects it had abroad is a famine in 1784 Egypt that reportedly killed one sixth of their nation; is suspected of having contributed to a famine in Japan as well as weakened monsoon circulations in Africa and India.

    Also a possibly curious side effect to the eruption was a famine it caused in France, which might have been one of the factors that lead to the French Revolution.

  15. Shannon
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    Great list. I love volcanoes, but I'm curious why the Mt. Toba eruption was omitted. That particular eruption very nearly wiped out the human race 69,000 and 77,000 years ago. It was probably the closest we've ever come to complete natural annihilation. Of course, all your examples were in written history so if you were using that as a criteria then, well, good on ya' mate.

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    You are forgetting about the caldera of La Garita supervolcano explosions. It expanded 5 km

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    Mt. Fuji in Japan is an active volcano! but its been dormant since 1709 There is actually over 100 active volcanoes all over Japan, that is why Japan has over 500 miniature earthquakes or tremors every year. I know New Guinea has them as they are quite close to me So yeah they can happen anywhere I reckon. We get quakes at times here also

  18. Purba Negoro
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    Lake Toba in Sumatera caused a global cataclysmal event.

    Mount Merapi has destroyed larger cities than Pompeii and Herclunaeum- numerous large towns in Central Java and the major city of Trowluan (which is bigger than Angkor Wat) in pyroclastic events.

    Krakatau is actually bigger than Laki- it is still very active- though fairly mild. The child of Krakatau- named Anak Krakatau is a major worry- it is already bigger than the original Krakatao and is near two major cities- Bandung (4million inhabitants) and Jakarta (20 million inhabitants)- which our vulcanologists are seriously considering using military explosives to create a pressure relief so the caldera does not create an explosive Mt St Helens pyroclastic event.

    Also- you forgot Mt St Helens.

    AND worst- you forget the world’s largest caldera- Yellowstone and Yosemite National Park- which makes Lake Toba look like a midget.

  19. Alfred
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    This list is called Top 10 *Deadliest* Volcano *Eruptions*, and doesn't cover pre-historical events.

    The Lake Toba supereruption occurred between 69,000 to 77,000 years ago, well before written historical records.

    Death toll numbers surrounding both Mount Merapi and Vesuvius seem to be largely unknown.

    The 1783 Laki eruption and its aftermath (its tephra clouds caused famines as far as Egypt and possibly Japan) is estimated to have killed over 6 million people; 1883 Krakatoa final death toll (accounting for pyroclastic flows, volcanic bombs and tsunamis) is estimated between 36,417 up to 120,000. Any possible future eruptions, however destructive and Top 10 list beating as they might become, obviously haven't occurred yet. About 3 million people live around Mt. Vesuvius today, it could mean future huge death tolls, but it hasn't occurred yet either.

    Mt. St Helens' 1980 eruption killed 57 people.

    The Yellowstone supervolcano hasn't erupted yet in written human history.

  20. Spikee
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    Mount Pinatubo should be in top ten, until now whenever it rains, Lahar from its eruption is still flowing… during the eruption, Its ashes completely covered our atmosphere and it was so dark like it was midnight at NOON! 10ft Ashes buried more half of our province and other neighboring provinces. until now, lakes like Macolcol and Bucao are full of LAHAR and and still filling up. They are so full that the water that should flow in those rivers overflowed in town causing Flash Floods. Just last year, an entire village (Carael) was wiped out.

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    how about mt. Pinatubo in Philippines? almost 1decade suffered the people in Philippines about mt Pinatubo!

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    mt st helens was quite big!!

  23. SuzieDsouza
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    Mount Vesuvius is considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes. The eruption of 79 AD destroyed the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. The subsequent eruptions have been less severe. It poses many threats to the large population in its vicinity. This makes it a volcano to watch out for.

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    i remember those earthquakes, that actually happened when i tripped on a rock up in heaven. haha. well see ya soon!

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    That’s crazy!

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    yellowstone is the worlds most dangerous volcano because in the first eruption of january 23 2010
    the old faithful geyser started to smoke and then it exploded!!! lava went out of yellowstone then… A HUGE ASH CLOUD WENT AND DESTROYED LOTS OF BUILDING AND KILLED LOTS OF PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it covered the whole city and yellowstone park but its lucky we rebuild yellowstone park and the city

  27. LG
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    they forgot Toba.. it was a long time ago but holy crap it had more ash than yellowstone

  28. R.K
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    I think that Mt. yellowstone should be in this list

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    I really really want to travel with my gf to Kelut!
    the sence there is so awesome, we r saving money now! lol

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    The deadliest active volcano is not Yellowstone! The deadliest active volcano is Lake Toba! What cumbre vieja! It will cause 130 foot waves if it erupts! The most powerful volcano that ever erupted was the siberian traps and the Lagarita Caldera. The volcano from Yemen and Santa Maria was also very powerful. But god help us if Lake Toba blows again! It is more powerful then yellowstone!!!

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    I agree with it, I share this statement. I always said to my baby who has never believed for me, haha!:D


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