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  1. Brett
    Brett at |

    So is #4 a baster baby?

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      You are a bad man, Brett. A very bad man. 😉 I’m sure that baby smells fowl.

  2. James
    James at |

    Actually, UPS Drivers make a very good salary. Most full time make about 50-70k a year depending on their experience. To even be a driver takes 5 years of package handling. If im not mistaken, thats more salary and training then the ” fireman or a police officer ” that the OP commented on. Just sayin….

    1. Jordan
      Jordan at |

      Thats true on the salary standard drivers make $30 an hr, an then time and a half overtime which they get nearly every day. However at the UPS hub that I work at it takes 13 years to get on as a full time driver.

    2. kitty soto
      kitty soto at |

      shut up james its stupid and you know it!!!!!! get over it just cuz you work there dosnt mean its cool lol

  3. Resveratrol Dosage
    Resveratrol Dosage at |

    Personally I found the sushi costume to be quite creative. There’s this trend to dress babies as food, like the peas in a pod costume, they can look quite adorable!

  4. Cassie @The Rad Dish
    Cassie @The Rad Dish at |

    I personally thought the food ones were kind of cute. I’ve even seen adult group food costumes like different flavors of ice cream scoops with cherries for hats and someone as a banana. (Banana split!)

  5. jennifer stewart
    jennifer stewart at |

    these costumes are horrible who do that too a child bye

  6. Niche
    Niche at |

    “Halloween costumes should be about fun and fantasy” opinion not fact. You have little sense of humour, offensively little actually. life is too short, lighten up.

  7. kim
    kim at |

    The ups costume is adorable and there isn’t anything wrong with a little boy wanting to dress up like their daddy, uncle or another family member. Most little boys want to be just like daddy. How is that demeaning?


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