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  1. Elizabeth Lopez
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    Great written article!

  2. 5minutes
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    Meh. There’s very little in this article that’s labeled as “bad” that I couldn’t find in real offline life.

    10. Homophobic slurs? How about racist slurs, sexist, slurs, anti-religious slurs, personal slurs, etc.? There’s other ways to insult people, but if you want to be obsessed with offending 2-5% of the population, go right ahead.

    9. Wow. A medium where 1% of the people create content for everyone else to consume… sounds like society to me. Hell, I can find that in a bookstore, a restaurant, or any other place where goods are created to be sold for consumers.

    8. It’s true. You know who else won’t change minds? People who argue face to face.

    7. People falsely accusing others? That’s never happened before!

    6. Women are victimized a lot? Tell you what – I’ll go run by Feministing and tell them I’m a conservative man who thinks abortion should be a felony… then we’ll talk about victimization.

    5. Yeah. It should be more like real life where I’m forced to watch ads on television at full volume and have no ability to turn the channel, mute the TV, or ignore the ad.

    4. Again – most of our time is wasted. We spend it daydreaming, doing meaningless chores, or doing something that has no real value other than to fill the moments between times we’re doing something useful.

    3. OK… I’ll grant you this one.

    2. Cyberbullying is simply bullying, period. The only difference is that it’s done by people who don’t have to take physical steps to get the reactions they want. On the other hand… they’re bullies and the best solution for a bully is a good swift punch in their cybernose.

    1. This is debateable, but what I would argue is that the vast, easily accessed store of human knowledge available online is changing the way we, as a species, manage our information, allowing our brains to do things other than “remember useless crap”. Then again, maybe we just need to train our brains again.

    1. Ed
      Ed at |

      5minutes, I’ve read probably dozens of your comments over the years, and this one is probably the most well written. Good on ya.

  3. Anna
    Anna at |

    The reason a lot of people use ad block is because many ads used on sites are dangerous. They put things on your computer. If you accidentally click one, you can end up with malware on your computer, and even just being on a site with them often allows them to track your computer habits. Often they automatically open pop-ups on your computer that are even more likely to put content on your computer.

    Also, many ads are bright and flashing and automatically play sounds and are basically really intrusive.

    Basically, a lot fewer people would block ads if they were just simply pictures of whatever product it is on the screen. But the ads that most sites chose to show are obnoxious and dangerous, and blocking them is perfectly reasonable.

    1. Shell Harris
      Shell Harris at |
      1. Anna
        Anna at |

        Honestly, no, I’m not willing to pay just to get access to top ten lists.

        I’d be willing to take ad block off if you’d restrict the ads to things that won’t put things on my computer. That, to me is the issue. I don’t mind normal ads, I just don’t want my computer tracked or viruses on my computer.

        1. Shell Harris
          Shell Harris at |

          Thanks, Anna.

          You bring up another good point. Ad restriction. Right now I use what I consider trustworthy advertisers, Google, Tribal Fusion Valueclick, companies that don’t just accept anyone and are constantly evaluating the content for their advertising clients. I don’t allow ads that spy or try to trick you. What assurances would you like that the ads I’m displaying are safe?

          I would love to provide this information to ad block users, which I have read can be 30% of your traffic.

  4. Shoboni
    Shoboni at |

    On A-Block, like others have said. We use it because ads online tend to be intrusive, loud, and sometimes even tasteless or virus ridden.

    1. marc
      marc at |

      my problem with the ads is that they eat up my already limited bandwidth. We have TERRIBLE internet service where I live and the ads are usually the most complexly coded elements of each page. When I use ad block, I can actually READ the content in a reasonable amount of time.

      But really, if the internet disappeared tomorrow I’d probably do more with my life.

      Not such a bad proposition really.

      1. Shoboni
        Shoboni at |

        That too, at least TV ads don’t actually flash all over the show when it’s on screen.

      2. Shell Harris
        Shell Harris at |

        Marc, you bring up a very interesting point, especially for me since I own Toptenz.net and make a partial living from it. Of course, I have to pay the writers from the advertising revenue on the site as well. Do you use an Ad Block software when viewing Toptenz.net?

        I wonder if those who do use ad blocking software would be open to becoming paid members of Toptenz.net. Then those readers could support the site and keep it running without seeing ads. Those that would rather not pay continue to see ads. I have been deliberating on this for months, but don’t want to alienate our readers, but without ad revenue there is not Toptenz.net. I have considered a small monthly fee, that can be paid year in advance. I would have to do this otherwise the fees for accepting payment would be too high for monthly payments. I would like to offer this option for $1.99/month, but that is just place to start the discussion. Would this be too much? Does anyone find this offensive? Besides no ads would any other incentive make this more palatable?

        Anyone can weigh in on this, and frankly I am very curious to know the thoughts of our readers. If you wish to write me privately, please send an email to [email protected].

        1. Z
          Z at |

          I quite like this site, and visit semi-regularly, but I don’t think you really have a basis to charge anyone for it – trivia/list sites are a dime-a-dozen on the ‘net, and considering the fairly low-key, 10-minutes-a-day type of site it is I doubt there would be much incentive for people to pay simply for a minor privilege that you can get with a browser plug-in. I think if you are angling for user good-will to help support the site, simply asking people to whitelist toptenz from whatever ad-blocker they’re running will probably get you a better response. Of course not everyone will do it, but it’s a much lesser commitment, and would probably have a higher uptake than asking people to pay for content they can see anyway.

        2. marc
          marc at |

          I really enjoy TopTenz, but not enough to pay a premium fee for it. Like Z says said, top 10 list are dime-a-dozen. I probably read or watch a dozen of them on different websites every day.

          Anna has it right, it would be nice if website would start being more discerning in who they sell advertising to. Advertisers that produce the most obnoxious, virus ridden intrusive advertising should be shunned.

          Ads before youtube videos should NEVER be longer than 1/5th the length of the video I’m about to watch.

          I also understand that advertising makes it possible for content providers to provide their content. That’s why I only turn AdBlock on for websites that have the most vile of advertising. TopTenz is one of the few sites I have AdBlock turned off for.

          I leave Faceblock and Googleblock turned on for most sites always though, they have no business watching me.

        3. Shell Harris
          Shell Harris at |

          Thanks, Marc.

          We try to be discerning by only using the best brokers who actually monitor the advertisers and the sites both. I don’t allow pop-unders, pop-overs or ads with auto play. Obviously nothing that would spy or steal information or trick you into clicking. If those are found, I would immediately contact my rep at the ad broker for removal.

          Thanks for whitelisting Toptenz.net. It is appreciated!

        4. Shell Harris
          Shell Harris at |

          Thanks, Z. Good feedback that I do appreciate. I have seen plugins that will do what you suggest. Perhaps I will install this to see if the ad block users will whitelist toptenz.net.

          I wouldn’t ask anyone to pay for content, I would only give the option if ad blockers felt they would rather do that, but it seems from the few responses here that that would not be an option.

        5. Shoboni
          Shoboni at |

          Yeah, just, yeah. Paid websites are a horrible idea. Deviantart fell into that trap and now nearly every useful new feature goes to premium only(or is severely crippled for free users).

          The deal is that even “reputable” systems like Google Adsense allow some pretty questionable ads through(last time I didn’t have adblock that ran ads for adult dating sites and everything else). Also, ads just tend to be plain obtrusive and take up large amounts of the page. Pop-Ups are a issue as well.

          The better option is to just have a donate option so people that want to support, can(it’s what many forums do)

    2. Shell Harris
      Shell Harris at |
  5. Ronnie
    Ronnie at |

    Somehow, you left off child porn, sex trading & prostituting in your list. I wonder why?

  6. ParusMajor
    ParusMajor at |

    Nice article, but… wtf? Who doesn’t know these things? Is it 1982 again?

  7. Wut
    Wut at |

    10. Oh look, people use vulgar words withing the comfort of obscurity. What else is new Sherlock? Is it right? No, but it certainly isn’t limited to homosexual slurs and odds are the only way to stop it is to police everybody. No thank you
    9. This is a concern? Vocal minorities are present in all forms of media, and IRL. Additionally, if you label people who don’t like your stuff as “trolls”, it pretty much shows how much of an ego you have and the quality you actually produce.
    8. Engaging in debate is a mental exercise, provided it merely isn’t poop-flinging. People adapt to new ideas, even if they don’t agree with them. It’s Lamarckian evolution, but it’s still progressive in terms of filtering evidence and supporting arguments for either side. Additionally comments do get things done, like canceling Fez 2 LOL!
    7. Like this doesn’t happen without the Internet. The only thing ill give you is that it allows it to be easier to witch-hunt.
    6. Oh grow up. The Internet is a place where anarchy reigns, where men are threatened with murder/rape/torture (take a look at any Griefing video on Counter Strike or G-Mod) on a hourly basis. It’s only a problem because it’s done to a woman. Interestingly women

  8. Wut
    Wut at |

    5. Okay, so I’ll let corporate advertisers invade my privacy and obstruct my browsing capability while the site holders make bank. See: The South Park episode involving Music Piracy
    4. Are you suggesting that writing this list wasn’t time wasted? What qualifies as being a “time waster”? Is listening to Mozart’s “Requiem” just as time wasting as listening to “In the Aeroplane By the Sea”?
    3. I don’t have any complaints. People should type properly, not this troglodyte “L33T Sp3k”
    2. Cyberbulling is something fools manage to often get themselves into. This is a anonymous user somewhere that wants to make fun of you. It’s called either: a) Blocking the person b) Turn off the computer c)Calling the cyber police.
    1. Arguably humanity is now more informed about the world than any point in the past 8,000 years of recorded history. Go back to the 1700’s and talk to any civilian who isn’t a wealthy nobleman and ask them to read a children’s storybook. We have all this info at our disposal, and it is being used wisely, albeit with morons who naturally ruin anything new.

    This article reeks of white-Knighting and someone who hasn’t been on the Internet more than 5 years. Good grief. 1st world privilege at it’s finest.

  9. johnnycanuck
    johnnycanuck at |

    Hmmm? What about the heterophobic slurs? The problem with most is that they poorly define the word tolerance. Tolerance means to co-exist with those you disagree with. It means that you would defend one’s right to disagree with you. It does not mean to embrace, condone or support someone’s ideology or lifestyle. It is important to differenciate; humans being equal, ideas are not. I have shared an apartment with a homosexual and had no problems with it, untll he began to act very weird and was trying to woo me. I have neighbours who are gay, friends who are gay and co workers who are gay and I treat them the same way that I would treat my own family. I do not agree with their orientation, and if they ask me why, I can kindly and graciously give my reasons. I am not or will I ever be FEARFUL of them….

  10. brian
    brian at |

    I disagree with number 3. I think that it has just become so cliche that people tend to think it is true. People have always been functionally illiterate, you can only see it now because people communicate with writing more.

  11. Dean
    Dean at |

    I don’t mind ads on sites, what I don’t like is when ads are intrusive to the browsing experience and so many sites are guilty of it.

  12. Joe
    Joe at |

    I have a problem with #5. Most people that would use adblock or any ad blocking program are using it to stop the annoying ads. No one really cares if there are ads at the top or sides of the web page but the ads that automatically open and cover have the site and the automatic video that starts playing, or music and all those nuisance ads are the ones that people want to block.. Especially the ones that pop right up, cover over whatever you are trying to view and make it impossible for you to close out of it. If they would stop all of those, no one would need an ad blocker because no one would care about the other ones. And how is blocking ads so you don’t see them any different than changing a channel when a commerical is on, or fast forwarding through a commericial. Totally dissagree with this one..

    and I completely and utterly disagree with #1. The best knowledge a person can have is knowing where to find it… Saying it’s “bad” that your brain only remembers How to find information instead of knowing information doesn’t make any sense.

    1. Joe
      Joe at |

      And yes I have a million spelling mistakes.. NO disagreement there! lol

  13. Classof65
    Classof65 at |

    Interesting article, however you should learn the difference between “effect” and “affect.”

    1. alinmtl
      alinmtl at |

      Calling out one typo? That’s your contribution?

  14. marc
    marc at |

    I think the worst thing about the internet is that it has made the unique, wonderful, amazing and astounding totally mundane. I subscribe to wimp dot com and they regularly post what they feel are the best videos on the internet on a daily basis. Many of them are fun or informative. Lots of them are silly and forgettable shorts. The worst thing is that I regularly see videos of children who can sing really well. Or a triple amputee who can shoot from the 3 point line with an astounding 98% accuracy.

    The internet has made what used to be a rare find into a throwaway video that makes everything cheap and mundane.

  15. Adi Arifin
    Adi Arifin at |

    No. 9, no. 8, and no. 4 seem to be the nearest to my own life.

  16. Gpenguin
    Gpenguin at |

    Homophobic? how about anything about Race, gender, male issues/womens, religion etcetc issues anything about you? The funny thing is most of these topics people say one thing in real life and completely say something different on the internet.

    I had a good friend since childhood hes black and im white. We hung out all through school and even after graduation until one day i was left in his room after a concert and his computer screen came on after he shut the door behind him. It was a forum where he commented at least 50 times about how he hated white people and wished they would all die in very descriptive comments. When he returned and saw what i was looking at not only did he turn it off but went off at me about all whites in general, the internet brings out how people truly feel. I never talked to him again after that.

  17. Gpenguin
    Gpenguin at |

    What about sex? How it effects the younger generation today, how it has changed most younger women (young men have always saught after it not in this way though). When the internet was introduced more openly in china around 2000, sex changed the lifestyle completely. There are now more sex shops in china than any other place in the world within a 10 years time.

    looking at sex online has destroyed peoples sex life at home, as men/women keep looking at it wanting more than their husbad/wife/bf/gf is willing to do. or that people dont feel as sexually connected because looking at porn all day does ruin your sex life, causes you to cheat on your partner and ruins the entire experience for you after awhile.

    People will debate this but the majority of people i have met have this issue, knowing their partner looks at certain sexual things online after being caught, the partner wonders during their sex if they other person secretly desires another kind of person etc.

    things were easier back in the day, not to mention kids grow up to quick with sex now, as its advertised everywhere online, and i mean everywhere. There should really be a ban on how kids can view the internet, or illegal till they are 18. im dead serious. let them enjoy life a bit more outside before becoming zombies inside. (you definitely watch your children outdoors right?; from strangers nowadays more often, but what about watching what they do on the internet? right… just like tv you dont watch them)

  18. Tony
    Tony at |

    If Websites weren’t so gratuitous with their adds this may never have become such a big thing. Adds taking up half the page space, or video ads on YouTube which somehow stream better then the clip I wanted to watch and collectively could make up 20-40% of the time I spent watching the actual videos (Because they don’t care if I’m viewing a 15 second video or a 15 minute one).

    That’s not including Pop-up adds and selling my Email address to SPAM sites.

    I DO feel sorry for the small sites who get impacted by this, but when you abuse your audience you have to expect them to look for an alternative.

    And I’m sorry, but no one ever Volunteers to turn on adds without a direct incentive.

  19. IndyAndyJones
    IndyAndyJones at |

    “We think it’s safe to say that, in the entire history of the internet, no one has ever held up their hands and said, “actually you’re completely right. Let’s stop arguing.””

    While there is no danger in saying this, it’s entirely incorrect. Strike 3 toptenz


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