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  • Seth

    Seriously? Obviously this list was compiled by someone born in the eighties. Any list of "driving songs" that doesn't include "Radar Love" by Golden Earring is complete horse-hockey. Quickly followed by Steve Millers' "Take the money and run". And *certainly* Sammy should have a place too. I'll give ya Dragula and Crazy Train from this list but that's it.

    • Kenneth Fink

      Well first I was born in the 70's, and if you read my reply to the first comment it should clear up why the songs you suggested aren't on the list. I don't see Radar Love causing road rage, but agree that it's a good song about speeding.

  • I Can’t Drive 55, Sammy Hagar. I thought for sure that would have been #1.

    • Kenneth Fink

      I absolutely agree that song would have been on the list had my original title been about songs that were about speed. My list was about songs that caused road rage, so looking at the comments I can see why some aren't thrilled with the list. If you can take another look at the list like I intended it may be more favorable.

  • Adam

    Runnin' Down a Dream, Tom Petty. Doesn't get much better than that as far as driving songs. Break Stuff? You got to be kidding me. Whoever wrote this list has the musical maturity of a high schooler.

    • Kenneth Fink

      Again, I'm feeling like a broken record, but the list wasn't about driving songs or about speed, it was about road rage, at least thats what it was supposed to be about. So I'll let the high schooler remark go.

      • Adam

        The title change definitely makes this list make a whole lot more sense now. Didn't mean to be confrontational but for some reason music gets me all riled up. Keep up the good work.

        • Kenneth Fink

          It's alright, I'm always pleased to see any comments even the slightly hostile ones. Glad you liked it.

  • JD

    I agree with Rick, "I Can't Drive 55" should be on there; it forces you to speed.

    • Kenneth Fink

      Please read the above replies and take another look at the list.

  • Lars

    What?! No Radar Love??

    I been drivin' all night

    my hands are wet on the wheel

    There's a voice in my head that drives my heel

    It's my baby calling sayin' "I need you here"

    and it's a half past four and I'm shifting gear . . .

    what do you want?? (besides something from the last few decades, that is)

  • l

    Go with the flow from Queens of the Stone Age is the best driving song man

    hear this:

  • Jezzika

    Shame nickelbacks 'animals' isn't in there, good list though

  • Kenneth Fink

    Thanks to all for the comments, again I intended the list to be about the best road rage inducing songs. Given the slight title change I understand the you comments and ask that you take another look after you read this.

  • Okay, this misunderstanding is my fault. I don't like the idea of promoting road rage so the title was edited to make it less inciting. Obviously that has not worked and caused the author to have to explain himself, which is not fair to him or the readers. I have changed the title, against my better judgment, to the original.

    We do not encourage or support road rage in anyway, but we hope the spirit of the list is better understood now.

    Apologies, Kenneth.

    • Kenneth Fink

      My thank Top Tenz , I didn't think much about the possible implications of encouraging road rage, and I too don't encourage it, and I thank you for the change. Always happy to stir the pot though. Nothing better than contraversy.

  • joewest

    C'mon man! You have to have something besides metal, rock, and grundge for driving. What about Tom Petty's "Time to Move On"? Or Slightly Stoopid's "Open Road"? I guess you are listing good road rage songs, but still!

    • Kenneth Fink

      I agree, I actually tend to listen to 80's hair band music in my car, no one can make fun of me for it. Great songs by the way, always like them.

  • Katie

    I'm thinking Methods of Mayhem, Crash. Anyone else? That makes me want to run people over!

    • Kenneth Fink

      Have to be honest, when I came up with the idea for this list I went through a lot of CD's and such and I missed that song. An oversight for sure, a great song for road rage.

  • Katie

    Love the list, btw. I think I'm making that into a cd tonight.. (with the addition of methods of mayhem, of course 🙂 )

  • Doopie

    OK, I just want to point out that any list of drivingsongs without Ministry – Jesus built my hotrod is incomplete.

  • Bryan

    Offspring has a good road rage song.

    • dc420911

      bad habit. it should be number 1 or detroit rock city by kiss

  • Jennifer

    Yeh the old school Pantera will get you going.

  • baya

    The list a bit wrong or too personal. Where is Pretty Maids "Future World" Or Metal Church – " Badlands" ?

    Non of the songs on the list is good for driving, speeding or any car activity…lame post

  • jackburnt

    I vote "Bad Habit' by The Offspring. It's about road rage.

    • s1ngxthexs0rr0w

      how is that song not #1???

  • Anon

    Whoever wrote this list appears to have a fairly limited knowledge of rock music.

    I can think of any number of Metallica songs which would be more road rage inducing

    than "Enter Sandman" ..and yes most of them would be from the mid to late 80's

    time period when Metallica was a marginalized thrash metal band.

  • anonymousninja

    This list is totally biased towards rock music.

    How could you not include, "Move Bitch" by Ludacris?

    That one is totally obvious.

  • Tina

    Um how about "move bitch" by Ludacris??

  • GTSguy

    they way people drive these days, especially women and teenagers, one doesnt need music to induce road rage…the music can just make the road rage alot worse…..

  • cristian

    #1 rulls :-bd

  • Crue Head

    Am I the only one that noticed it is actually Kickstart My Heart and not Kick Start Your Heart?

  • Johnny Canuck

    I know that the song Killing in the Name by Rage against the machine gets me all wired up when I hear it. But seriously, Crazy Train and Enter Sandman are not road rage songs, there is nothing about them that would make you angry. How about:

    Prong – Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck
    System Of A Down – B.Y.O.B.
    Atreyu – Someone’s standing on my chest
    Stricken – Disturbed
    Sleepwalker – Megadeth
    Wipe The Tears – Machine Head

    I won’t give all ten as I am just taking songs of the top of my head but I am sure that these are far more filled with rage and should not be listened to while driving.

  • jamesy

    !Anarchy in the UK” or “God save the Queen” by the Sex Pistols should really be on here. Everytime I hear those songs I want to start a riot haha

  • chris

    Rage against the Machine–Killing in the Name of

  • slip

    dude, No.1 is definitely “Bad Habit” by The Offspring….give it a shot

  • Pete

    seriously? Ok, I’ll give you the Ozzy, Nirvana and Drowning Pool. The rest of those songs IMHO have little chance of causing road rage. I’d have to go with, in no particular order, Agent Orange “Bloodstains’, Bad Brains ‘Pay To Cum’, Black Flag ‘Nervous Breakdown’ ,The MC5 ‘Kick out the Jams’, Minor Threat ‘I Don’t Wanna Hear It’, Rage Against The Machine ‘Bulls on Parade’, the Toadies ‘Happy Face’, Hank Williams III ‘No Values’, Ween ‘Stroker Ace’ and Nirvana ‘Son of a Gun’. Now that my friend is a road rage soundtrack. Hell, that is what you put on if you want to leave the entire I-35 corridor a smoking trail of rubble.

  • Andro

    There is nothing like an La grange appetizer and breathe by prodigy to raise speeed….. hehehe

  • me

    Who the hell listens to that crap. The only feelin i get from these songs is to throw the cd out the car window and crank up some really, non mainstream media, safe for my ears because im too closed minded to explore other bands of heavy metal other than what the damn radio tells me “whats metal” bull crap!

  • Jimmy goodboy

    How in the world is HIGHWAY TO HELL missing ?!?!?!

  • greethan

    “Bassline” by Quarashi.

  • piro

    How about Hatebreed? “Destroy Everything”?

  • Don’t Forget

    Nothing will make you drive like an @$$hole more completely than Ride Of The Valkyries.

  • Mike Robinson

    I can’t listen to AC/DC’s ‘Thunderstruck’ without driving aggressively and it was what I was listening to the first time I drove over 130mph on a public road.

  • malamutes

    “Tommy gets his tonsils out” The Replacements
    “Stigmata” Ministry (this song has cost me money. Twice)

  • me

    This is the worst lidt I’ve ever read.
    If you want to incite road rage you need FAST music, most of this just isn’t.
    Try Metal thrashing mad by Anthrax