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  1. me
    me at |

    This is the worst lidt I’ve ever read.
    If you want to incite road rage you need FAST music, most of this just isn’t.
    Try Metal thrashing mad by Anthrax

  2. malamutes
    malamutes at |

    “Tommy gets his tonsils out” The Replacements
    “Stigmata” Ministry (this song has cost me money. Twice)

  3. Mike Robinson
    Mike Robinson at |

    I can’t listen to AC/DC’s ‘Thunderstruck’ without driving aggressively and it was what I was listening to the first time I drove over 130mph on a public road.

  4. Don't Forget
    Don't Forget at |

    Nothing will make you drive like an @$$hole more completely than Ride Of The Valkyries.

  5. piro
    piro at |

    How about Hatebreed? “Destroy Everything”?

  6. greethan
    greethan at |

    “Bassline” by Quarashi.

  7. Jimmy goodboy
    Jimmy goodboy at |

    How in the world is HIGHWAY TO HELL missing ?!?!?!


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