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  • chris

    Rage against the Machine–Killing in the Name of

  • slip

    dude, No.1 is definitely “Bad Habit” by The Offspring….give it a shot

  • Pete

    seriously? Ok, I’ll give you the Ozzy, Nirvana and Drowning Pool. The rest of those songs IMHO have little chance of causing road rage. I’d have to go with, in no particular order, Agent Orange “Bloodstains’, Bad Brains ‘Pay To Cum’, Black Flag ‘Nervous Breakdown’ ,The MC5 ‘Kick out the Jams’, Minor Threat ‘I Don’t Wanna Hear It’, Rage Against The Machine ‘Bulls on Parade’, the Toadies ‘Happy Face’, Hank Williams III ‘No Values’, Ween ‘Stroker Ace’ and Nirvana ‘Son of a Gun’. Now that my friend is a road rage soundtrack. Hell, that is what you put on if you want to leave the entire I-35 corridor a smoking trail of rubble.

  • Andro

    There is nothing like an La grange appetizer and breathe by prodigy to raise speeed….. hehehe

  • me

    Who the hell listens to that crap. The only feelin i get from these songs is to throw the cd out the car window and crank up some really, non mainstream media, safe for my ears because im too closed minded to explore other bands of heavy metal other than what the damn radio tells me “whats metal” bull crap!

  • Jimmy goodboy

    How in the world is HIGHWAY TO HELL missing ?!?!?!

  • greethan

    “Bassline” by Quarashi.

  • piro

    How about Hatebreed? “Destroy Everything”?

  • Don’t Forget

    Nothing will make you drive like an @$$hole more completely than Ride Of The Valkyries.

  • Mike Robinson

    I can’t listen to AC/DC’s ‘Thunderstruck’ without driving aggressively and it was what I was listening to the first time I drove over 130mph on a public road.

  • malamutes

    “Tommy gets his tonsils out” The Replacements
    “Stigmata” Ministry (this song has cost me money. Twice)

  • me

    This is the worst lidt I’ve ever read.
    If you want to incite road rage you need FAST music, most of this just isn’t.
    Try Metal thrashing mad by Anthrax