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  • Anon

    Great list, #1 and #3 always get me.

    I feel that The Late Phillip J Fry (S06E07) and the latter half of Bender’s Big Score were missing, with the triangle between Fry, Leela and Lars, Fry missing everybody from the future while living in the past, and the whole deal with the narwhal.

  • required

    Futurama is one of my favorite shows of all time. It has a lot of great humor, but the fact that the adventures are always entertaining and sometimes emotional is what makes the series great. I noticed all the episodes you posted are from the first four seasons. Those are the only seasons I’ve watched. I watched all the episodes in a row on DVD, and the show quickly became one of my favorites. On a side note, I think King of the Hill is heavily underrated because people think that show is supposed to be a straight comedy show like Family Guy or The Simpsons. It’s not. King of the Hill is like Futurama in that it has funny moments, but a lot of the episodes have a good moral at the end or a life lesson of some sort. The kind of endings that make you feel good.

    • rajimus123

      completely agree. I kind of think King of the Hill is completely underrated, its not slapstick cartoon, its meant to be thought-provoking look into a family’s life and the outside factors that influence(d) them to their decisions.

      • required

        Exactly. It’s about family and friend relationships and growing up (like when Bobby goes to dances, on dates, etc.).

  • 5minutes

    Jurassic Bark was heart-wrenching… right up until the entire episode got retconned by “Bender’s Big Score” – one of the few things that Futurama has done that has really ticked me off.

  • Simon

    Great list, agreed with everything on it 😀

  • rajimus123

    Absolutely great list. I love how Futurama skirts the god/no-god debate and makes you think on some pretty deep things without realizing it. My personal favourite thought-provoking episode is in the 6th season when Dr. Farnsworth is trying to argue for evolution, reveals Homo Farnsworth and then says “i dont want to live on this planet anymore” and then repeats the whole scene with the robots. Brilliant. So funny how many different references there are for people to get, my friend and I laughed at the same scene except he was laughing at the reference to “The Soup” and I was laughing at a science joke. SUch a great show.

    • required

      Yes, the writing is excellent. One of the writers even has a PhD in mathematics from Harvard. There are so many intelligent pieces to the episodes.

  • auto devis

    The episode about his dog was extremely sad. He just waited for him to return

  • Stefan

    More recently and thus less immortal than the ones listed here, Overclockwise and Near-Death Wish had great emotional endings. I also believed Fun on a Bun was a great episode overall rather than just a touching ending because it built up the emotion throughout the entire length and finally had a confirmation of Fry and Leela as a couple.

  • Shattered Doll

    Great list! I am a huge Futurama fan and ‘The Sting’ gets me every time along with ‘Luck of the Fryfish’ and ‘Jurassic Bark’.
    I also agree with the person who pointed out the Lars, Leela, and Fry triangle.
    Leela + Fry = <3

  • Stupid Sexy Flander

    Jurassic Bark is the best Futurama episode ever! Amazing story writing and the ending always made me think of all the animals I have ever had 🙁

  • TruStory

    Let’s not forget about the ending to Futurama Episode 606 – Lethal Inspection, where Hermes hides the fact that he’s really inspecter 5 who saved bender from being destroyed. it was pretty tear jerking knowing hwo close Hermes is to Bender. They otherwise would have no real connection other than working at planet express.

    • Shattered Doll

      You’re right! I forgot about that one. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  • West one

    Great list.. These episodes are what truly defines futurama as a worthy cartoon series. I love the comedy but the deep stuff sticks.

  • Domiq

    Game of Tones is missing. Top 3 defo….Jurassic Bark or none of the ten episodes made me actually cry, sooooo…..even the Nr. 1 imo (never had a dog or any animal, thats why prolly)