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  • Graham

    There should be a mention for Ian Dury, lead singer of The Blockheads who was left disabled after getting Polio as a child.

    • wrider

      The pic of Kennedy is photo shopped. Why?

  • Ronnie

    9 of the 10 are great examples, but putting Stephen King on this list seems to be glorifying his drunken stupors or at least putting them in the same category of those who overcame disabilities is out of place. Come on, you can do better than that.

    • Jamie

      Maybe it’s because he succeeded despite the struggles of being a bad alcoholic – it doesn’t necessarily glorify it.

      • eternalblueneon

        How is King’s alcoholism a natural disadvantage? I don’t believe he was born with it. Agreeing with Ronnie, King is out of place on this list.

      • Ronnie

        Come on Jamie, being an alcoholic is a choice, not a natural disadvantage. Be smarter.

        • redstick

          Why, of course. Who WOULDN’T choose to live the miserable existence that is the life of an alcoholic! No-brainer!

        • Ed

          It’s caught in a gray-zone, somewhat like type two diabetes. You don’t choose to have it, per se, but your actions will significantly influence whether you do. And like diabetes, alcoholism is strongly hereditary. King’s father (although generally mysterious) was described by his mother as quite the drinking fellow. It’s no mystery that Alcoholism is deeply encoded genetically, but, like you said, it is a choice to a certain degree.

    • percynjpn

      I agree – but for some reason, in this country many people idolize the stereotypical drug-addled, alcoholic Hollywood star or other celebrity , unlike in most parts of the world where they would be looked down on and and shunned.

  • Jamie

    I can think of many more for this list. These people, despite, or should I say in spite of their conditions, achieved a lot of stuff, even for most normal-ish people. Just remember, if someone tells you “you can’t do this because….” just remember you can if you really believe in yourself – these entertainers did and then some.

  • jimbo

    Didn’t JFK have a bad pain pill addiction? That’s probably why he had all those problems is so.

  • Stephanie

    I’m less impressed that Jim Abbott can pitch and waaay more impressed with the speed in which he puts his glove on, fields a hit, drops the glove and throws to first…THAT is amazing. Look him up on youtube and try to keep your jaw off the floor.