Top 10 Creepiest Murderabilia Available for Purchase


Murderabilia, also known as murderbilia, is a term identifying collectibles related to murders, murderers or other violent crimes. To be clear, we here at TopTenz do not condone or encourage the idolization of criminals in anyway. In fact, we disapprove of it. The intention of this list isn’t to celebrate this disturbing market, but to present information to readers. Due to the nature of the content, some may find this NSFW.

10. Autographs


There’s something about signatures that our culture just loves. Athletes, musicians, actors; if they’re even related to a famous person we want their autograph. Not just because Joseph Gordon Levitt’s signature may be worth quite a bit in seventy years, but also because of the implication of rarity. Everyone knows who they are! The word “fame” hangs around them! And we have their very rare, very iconic name on a piece of paper, written by them. It’s almost surreal. But if athletes or actors aren’t your thing, how about serial killers? What about John Wayne Gacy? In the 70’s Gacy dressed up as “Pogo,” a clown that attended children’s parties (clowns are creepy enough in their own right). Gacy killed over 30 people in six years, primarily teenage boys and was dubbed “The Killer Clown.” And now you can have a signed court pass by him.

9. Artwork


Don’t worry, we’ll spare you Gacy’s portraits of clowns that you can buy (just hang Pogo right up in your hallway) and instead go creepier, because that’s the title and it’s fun.
Arthur Shawcross’s history basically goes, arson, murder, fifteen years in prison, then killing twelve prostitutes. What threw authorities for so long with the prostitute murders was that the majority of the victims were in their late twenties to early thirties, and investigators were looking for a white male in his early thirties, not a white male in his mid-forties.
What art gallery would be complete without a picture Shawcross drew of a stripper? Sorry, that’s “erotic stripper,” according to the product title. The nice thing is that he even colored it in for the consumer.

8. Hand-tracings

In 2008 Isaac Zamora killed six people, one of who was a sheriff’s deputy, in a horrible shooting spree. Bernard Giles has four consecutive life terms for the murders of five young women. Edgar Ray Killen was a member of the KKK and organized three different killings, one of a black man and the other two of young Jewish men.

What do these three have in common? Well, depending on your price range ($25.00 to $150.00) you can get signed hand-tracings of these men. What makes this #8 on our creepy list is that the very hand you’re buying an outline of is one that killed someone. There are nowhere near enough degrees of separation for that.

7. Baby Pictures


Anthony Sowell (“The Cleveland Strangler”) was caught in 2009 following a warrant issued for his arrest. Officers found remains from eleven different corpses in his home and backyard, and Sowell was arrested two days later. In the year following his capture the Cleveland Police Department was mired in a media storm of coverage after it was discovered that Sowell had had four previous assault and rape charges made against him, but the never questioned him and Sowell was free to increase his victim count.

And Sowell’s baby picture is available for a hundred dollars. See the baby face before it was a monster.

6. Half-eaten food


Oh man, half-eaten food and there are still five more entries left? How much creepier can get this get? So, so much. Charles Manson, head of the infamous Manson Family, sealed the number six spot with some half-eaten food. The Manson Family was a sort of cult, sort of commune, sort of deranged group of murderers. Manson himself didn’t physically kill anyone, but he organized and planned the deaths that his followers carried out. Manson had hoped that police would think African Americans were responsible and a race war would begin (Manson called the scenario “Helter Skelter”) but detectives were easily able to link the Manson Family to the crimes.  So if decade old candy is your thing, this is for you. A half-eaten bag of Reese’s Pieces from a visiting room in 2002.

5. Toilet Paper


For the record, Manson is going to appear on this list one more time; the guy is just a walking supply closet for those with a murderablila fetish. And nothing completes a collection like unused toilet paper from Charles Manson’s cell. To be fair the item on sale is actually a comb he owned in prison, but what really sells it as creepy is the product description: “Charles Manson personal palm comb owned by Charlie while housed in SHU circa 2000. Sent by Manson which he wrapped in two unused squares of his personal toilet paper.” It’s the toilet paper that makes this creepy, not the comb. While we’re thrilled they made it clear the toilet paper was unused, it’s still a little horrifying to contemplate buying something intended to wipe a murderer’s waste.

4. Clothes


In 1994 Dana Gray killed three old women to support her spending habits. Edward Spreitzer was one of the Ripper Crew, a group of killers in Chicago that murdered 18 young women as sacrifices to the devil. And both of them have signed, worn underwear available. Seriously, you can get Dana Gray’s panties or a pair of Spreitzer’s boxers. If they aren’t high-profile enough, there’s always O.J. Simpson. Fortunately his underwear isn’t for sale, but a signed USC jersey is, though we aren’t sure he ever wore it. He signed it while he was in lockup, by the way, which raises the puzzling question of who thought to actually bring a college jersey to a correctional facility in hopes of getting an autograph?

3. Hair


It’s kind of weird to have anyone’s hair, but it’s even more disturbing when it’s Charles Manson’s. That’s right, he’s made this list three times, but we promise this is the last of him on here. His locks are available with a starting bid of $2,500. Manson’s hair edged out the food and toilet paper because at least those are a few steps removed from the guy, even if he touched them. But owning a part of Manson is by far creepier than the other two.

2. Possible Murder Weapon


John Robinson was the first known Internet serial killer, using chat rooms to meet the majority of his victims. By 1999 he was involved in numerous missing person’s reports and the police were eager to get something concrete on him. He was caught when a woman filed a police report that he had stolen her sex toys; this gave police probable cause for a search warrant, and two decaying bodies were found on Robinson’s farm. In all, he murdered at least eight women, killing them with hammer blows to the head. Two hammers were found in his residence, and one is available for purchase.

Product description: “All of Robinson’s victims were killed in the same manner, by one or more blows to the head with a hammer. There were two hammers found in Robinson’s tool box located in his truck. This is one of those hammers. This one was wrapped in a white cloth and had been cleaned in bleach. It had been taken as evidence by the police. The police ran tests on the hammer and the results were inconclusive, probably due to Robinson cleaning the hammers in bleach.”

Now you should be asking yourself, if a potential murder weapon is only number two, what on earth could be number one? How could something be creepier than that? We’ll show you.

1. Foot Scrapings


Angel Maturino Resendiz was an itinerant serial killer who murdered anywhere between 15-30 people throughout the 90’s. He would illegally cross the border between the U.S. and Mexico as well as the U.S. and Canada. Most of his victims lived near railroads, earning him the nickname of “The Railway Killer.” He would often loot his victims’ homes after killing them and take jewelry back to his wife in Mexico. In 1998 he mailed off some of his foot scrapings, which some lucky buyer can add to their collection of, um, footscrapings?

Product description: “Angel Maturino Resendiz – Nobody asked for these, Resendiz mailed these while waiting trial in 1998. We have no idea why he mailed these but he did. Actual Railroad killer ‘foot scrapings’ which includes copy of the original envelope in Resendiz handwriting.”

There’s something about dead skin from a foot that firmly locks in the number one spot.

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