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  • Jon

    Very interesting list. Just can’t believe people will buy anything!

    • The Riddler

      When one has more money than they know what to do with, they will certainly buy anything.

  • Little_Sam

    I also heard that someone was trying to sell a sample of Ronald Reagan’s blood saved from when he was shot. I also heard that there was a group trying to stop it. My question is how would the winner (cough) know it was really Reagan’s blood and not someone else’s?

  • Jim Ribs

    Thank god you put the British equivalency, as I plan on taking a vacation to England soon, and eBay will no doubt be my top priority.

  • MADpunx77

    number 8. I don’t think hugh hefner is dead.

    • You are correct. That is where he will be buried, beside Marilyn Monroe. We have fixed the content.

  • Amrendra

    Amazing List!!!

  • Mary Robertson

    Thank you for this information!